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There is an 88% chance that your spreadsheets contain serious risks and mistakes. Yearly these errors result in a waste of $7 billion! This is why we developed PerfectXL. Major organizations such as PwC, AT Kearney and Schiphol already assign great value to PerfectXL.

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Internal Structure Check

To validate the inner structure of your...

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Complete Check for 21 types of risks

Risk Validation is a feature that lets...

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Scan for formulas and constants

Formula breakdown lets you inspect formulas...

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Visualization of a Spreadsheet
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How to Quickly Validate your Spreadsheet

88% of spreadsheets contain hidden issues. These issues can be a serious risk to the outcome of…

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Excel comes with great freedom and thus great responsibility. PerfectXL helps you to take that responsibility.

Roel van der Steen, Developer, Infotron

Create & Maintain good Spreadsheets

In order to create and maintain with consistently good spreadsheets, there are a number of good practices to keep in mind. Here we provide a list of tips to improve the way you work with spreadsheets.

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Data Visualization

Data visualisation is a way to provide a clear view of how your spreadsheet works and how he worksheets are interconnected. This allows you to quickly learn the structure of spreadsheets you’re unfamiliar with or to explain your own spreadsheets to other users.

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Risk Management

Risk management is the practice of actively working to minimize the amount of mistakes in your spreadsheets. The risk for error is pretty much inherent in working with spreadsheets. Also, there are different ways a mistake can occur.

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Spreadsheet Validation

A thorough validation of your spreadsheet can be crucial, but it's a time consuming task to do so. PerfectXL spreadsheet validation tools, such as inner structure visualization and Excel formula validation save a lot of time and help you build error free spreadsheets.

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Worldwide over 75 million people use spreadsheets.


90% of important corporate analysis are based on spreadsheets.


88% of all spreadsheets contain serious risks.