Our Partners

PerfectXL is a co-production of Infotron and the TU Delft Software Engineering department. Active involvement of partners such as the Software Improvement Group (SIG) and AAU University in Austria keeps us sharp at all times.

Our Partners - TU Delft :: PerfectXL

TU Delft

Without TU Delft, there would be no PerfectXL. Its predecessor, Breviz, was developed as a component of the PhD programme of our founder Felienne Hermans. Nowadays the TU Delft has an actual Spreadsheetlab, where Felienne manages spreadsheet research as an Assistant Professor. The results of this research are continuously integrated in the development of PerfectXL. Infotron’s co-founder Arie van Deursen is a professor of Software Engineering at TU Delft.

Our Partners - Microsoft :: PerfectXL


Microsoft’s BizSpark Programme for startups supported us in the first phase of the development of PerfectXL. The close relationship between TU Delft and Microsoft helps us with early identification of trends and the right contacts for optimal development.

Our Partners - Software Improvement Group (SIG) :: PerfectXL

Software Improvement Group (SIG)

SIG researches the quality of IT projects from big corporations and governments on a large scale. The acquired knowledge can often be applied to spreadsheets, more specifically to the use of VBA part. Infotron and SIG participate in a collaborative research.

Our Partners - Alpen-Adria Universitat :: PerfectXL

AAU University

The Alpen-Adriana Universit√§t in Klagenfurt, Austria, is a valuable knowledge partner to PerfectXL. Like Infotron and TU Delft AAU University researches possible risks with the use of spreadsheets. We regularly share ideas and review eachother’s results.

Our Partners - Robeco :: PerfectXL


Right from the beginning of our project, Robeco has supported us with the opportunity to speak to many of their spreadsheet professionals and to test our PerfectXL prototypes with them. This extensive and high quality group of test users has provided us with the best possible environment for effective product development.

Our Partners - Network Partners :: PerfectXL

Network Partners

Infotron is a modern organization with a small team of permanent staff members and a large network of engaged freelancers and organisations. Innovate2Day, FutureFootprints and RetoXL are closely involved with our company.