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The PerfectXL Add-In is an Excel based tool which works directly in your own spreadsheets. The tool has a variety of effective functions which detect risks, validate financial models, and improve your Excel experience.

Preview of the PerfectXL Ribbon in Excel

Download Excel Add-in :: PerfectXL Spreadsheet Validation Tool

What is PerfectXL?

PerfectXL is, very simply put, a spreadsheet validation and risk detection tool. This software works through your spreadsheets and checks for 75 different kinds of potential issues. It also has a variety of other handy features such as formula breakdown, reporting, and visualization.

What does it do?

PerfectXL is a tool that helps the user make their spreadsheets safer by scanning the spreadsheet for risks, users also gain a new perspective through the data model which enables them to improve their standard of work. Beyond this there are also several tools simply make Excel easier to user such as our Unhide/Rehide everything tool, highlighter tool, and Protection Manager.

Partners & clients

Built together

Analyzing spreadsheets and identifying risks is very hard work. Fortunately, we have the strongest partners possible to get the work done. We work closely with SpreadsheetLab at the Delft University of Technology and we get great support from Microsoft. Learn more about our partners

Trusted by leading companies

PerfectXL serves clients from different industries. The tool has proven its value to accountants, consultants and financial experts as well as professionals from high tech, energy, logistics and transport industries. Learn more about our clients