Spreadsheet Security

We take spreadsheet security serious. Spreadsheets can sometimes contain sensitive information, but it is still vital to validate them, especially in the case of important spreadsheets. That’s why we’ve set up extensive measures to guarantee the secure use of our toolset.

Gone Is Gone

Spreadsheet Security - Gone is Gone :: PerfectXL

PerfectXL is not a platform to store your spreadsheets. You keep your originals on your desktop or private network. PerfectXL stores your spreadsheet analysis, but when you delete a spreadsheet from your portfolio in PerfectXL, the spreadsheet and its analysis are completely removed from our systems. We cannot restore deleted analyses. Of course you can always re-upload your original spreadsheet and perform a new analysis!


Spreadsheet Security - SSL :: PerfectXL

All data traffic is transferred over a secure connection. We use SSL and an external signing company to verify the validity of any connection to PerfectXL. All spreadsheets and web requests are transferred over HTTPS to ensure integrity and authenticity.

Dedicated Server

Spreadsheet Security - Dedicated Server :: PerfectXL

We offer the option of a dedicated server to our major clients; a private cloud solution that runs  PerfectXL independently from the regular web-based version.


On-Premise Version

Spreadsheet Security - On Premise :: PerfectXL

If security is absolutely paramount, we also offer an on-premise installation option. We install the software on a local server in your data center, where no internet connection is required at all. Any future update of the product is installed manually by one of our people, so we can guarantee you will always run the most current version of PerfectXL.

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