Features of PerfectXL 

The PerfectXL spreadsheet validation tool covers a variety of features, such as general information overview, spreadsheet visualization, risk detection, formula breakdown, reporting and comparison. The features you get with your PerfectXL account depend on the package you choose. 

Formula Expander

The PerfectXL Formula Expander is a feature which helps the user to understand and edit long, and complex formulas. The Formula Expander splits the formula into it’s different arguments by expanding the formula bar and adding space where needed to help users understand the formula.

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Protection Manager

The PerfectXL Protection Manager has a variety of efficient applications, it gives the user insight into current protection standings, and also gives the user the ability to quickly change and improve the protection of any spreadsheet.

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Risk Detection & Improvements

High quality, error-free spreadsheets are essential for using them reliably in a business environment. This is why risk detection is an important aspect of spreadsheet validation. PerfectXL’s Risk Analysis feature finds many common problems and potential risks in your spreadsheets. It also provides suggestions for improvement.

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Spreadsheet Visualization

Understanding the workings of a spreadsheet is key to correctly interpreting its results. The PerfectXL spreadsheet visualization feature is an essential component of that. It allows you to create a graphical model of the general flow of information, and that’s not all. It includes risks, input & output and data & formula flows.

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Formula Insight and Breakdown

Formulas are the heart and brain of a spreadsheet. Understanding the model is key to properly use and maintain a spreadsheet, as well as knowing the input sources of your calculations. PerfectXL provides several tools to help with this, such as formula overview, constants overview and formula breakdown.

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Spreadsheet Characteristics

Curious what your spreadsheet’s all about? PerfectXL gives you a great starting point. An overview of worksheets, input sources and potential risks are all part of our general spreadsheet characteristics section. It also gives you insight into the amount of formulas used in your spreadsheet.

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VBA Risk Detection

Excel is a powerful tool. And when it can’t do what you need, VBA can fill the gap. Unfortunately, using VBA can lead to unpredictable behaviour, slow performance, and corrupt Excel files. PerfectXL checks your macro-riddled spreadsheets for potential problems in the VBA code.

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Highlighter Task Pane

We developed the Spreadsheet Visualization Feature to generate a clear overview of all relationships from and to sheets and external references. The Highlighter Feature provides inside information about formula ranges, consistent formulas and data types, by (temporarily) highlighting them in your spreadsheet.

Highlighter task pane

Unhide Everything and Rehide

Have you ever tried to thoroughly check a spreadsheet that had hundreds of hidden rows, columns and worksheets? Then you know how much time it takes to do this manually. Especially when you’re also supposed to rehide everything again. Save your efforts! Reveal all hidden rows, columns and worksheets by pressing one button and rehide them all by pressing again. 

Unhide and rehide button

Downloadable Reports

Spreadsheet reports have a variety of useful applications. PerfectXL allows you to generate PDFs to share analysis results with colleagues. You can also download a copy of the original spreadsheet with additional reporting sheets.

Creation of spreadsheet reports

Spreadsheet Quality Comparison

This PerfectXL feature allows you to compare one spreadsheet from your portfolio to another on a couple of key aspects. For instance, you can compare an old version to a new version of the same spreadsheet to see its progress over time.

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Category & Risk Customization

Do you wish to refine PerfectXL’s analysis to cater to your specific requirements? Maybe you’re not particularly interested in warnings about the use of fixed numbers, for instance. Not to worry; PerfectXL allows for full customization of your user interface.

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