Do you wish to refine PerfectXL’s analysis to cater for your specific requirements? Maybe you’re not particularly interested in warnings about the use of fixed numbers, for instance. Not to worry; PerfectXL allows for full customization of your user interface.

Custom Settings

PerfectXL settings allow you to customize the settings for different types of risks as well as the names of the available categories. 

Customization Feature :: PerfectXL

Activate/deactivate Risks

To ignore a risk type generally, the easiest way is to deactivate a risk entirely. You can always go back to re-enable it.

Customization of Spreadsheet Analysis :: PerfectXL

User Defined Thresholds

Sometimes you may be happy with a finding in general, but you notice that for your particular needs it generates too few or too many results. In such cases PerfectXL allows more granular control over risk detections by providing you the ability to adjust the threshold values per risk type. This allows control over if and to what extend a finding is marked as a risk.