Downloadable Spreadsheet Reports

Spreadsheet reports have a variety of useful applications. PerfectXL allows you to generate PDF files to share analysis results with colleagues. You can also download a copy of the original spreadsheet with additional reporting sheets.

Summary PDF Spreadsheet Reports

A summary PDF report gives you a brief overview of PerfectXL’s risk analysis. You can download it and use it to quickly share an overview of your spreadsheet with colleagues.

View an example of a summary PDF report here

Validation & Detailed Validation PDF Spreadsheet Reports

To share the full extent of PerfectXL’s risk detection analysis, choose to export a Validation Report or a Detailed Validation Report. Both are PDF exports, easy to download and share. The Detailed Validation Report contains the exact details of all detected risks and additional visualizations.

Spreadsheet Reports - Overview :: Features :: PerfectXL

First page of the PDF spreadsheet (Detailed) Validation Report, including a key visualization

Cell Formats & Unique Formulas Spreadsheet Reports in Excel

Excel Reports are a wonderful way to relate PerfectXL’s findings back to Excel. A Cell Formats report downloads a copy of your spreadsheet with additional worksheets. These worksheets are copies of the existing worksheets, but the original formatting has been replaced by formatting based on the cell content. This allows you to easily spot inconsistencies and suspicious patterns.

The Unique Formulas export adds a worksheet with a list of unique formulas in your spreadsheet, such as the one found in PerfectXL.

Risks & Suggestions Spreadsheet Reports

The Risks & Suggestions report is a copy of your workbook with an additional sheet containing all risks detected by PerfectXL. Clicking any risk in the list brings you to the appropriate spot in your spreadsheet (N.B. the copy of the spreadsheet!)

Referred Constants Spreadsheet Reports in Excel

Just like you can download an Excel report with a list of risks, you can also opt for a list of constants. A worksheet with all numbers referred to in your spreadsheet is added to a copy of your original spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Reports - Referred Constants :: Features :: PerfectXL

Example of a Referred Constants Report: an extra worksheet is added to a copy of your spreadsheet, summing up all constants used in your spreadsheet