Unhide Everything and Rehide

Reveal all hidden rows, columns and worksheets by pressing one button and rehide them all again simply by pressing again. This is the Unhide Everything and Rehide feature of PerfectXL, a big time saver!

Save your Efforts

Did you ever try to thoroughly check a spreadsheet that had hundreds of hidden rows, columns and worksheets? Then you know how much time it takes to do this manually. Especially when you’re also supposed to rehide everything again after unhiding it first. Save your efforts!

Unhide Everything

The ‘Unhide Everything’ button in PerfectXL is as straightforward as it sounds. Just click it to unhide each and every hidden row, column or worksheet in the spreadsheet. Even the very hidden worksheets, that usually can only be exposed through VBA pages, will be revealed. This saves a lot of time!


The very best part of this feature is that PerfectXL remembers what was unhidden when you clicked the ‘unhide everything’ button. The button now has changed to ‘Rehide’. When you click it everything will be hidden again, like in the initial situation.