Meet PerfectXL

PerfectXL helps people that work with complex spreadsheets to maintain and trust their data model and results. It saves costly time detecting risks and errors in an every stage. Making it easier to share spreadsheets with co-workers and clients.

What is PerfectXL?

PerfectXL is an online tool that helps to understand, validate and improve spreadsheets. It helps to make spreadsheets easier to understand by visualization. It helps to validate spreadsheets by thorough risk analysis. And it helps to make your spreadsheets better by giving suggestions for improvement. PerfectXL makes crucial and complex spreadsheets much easier to share and to maintain.

Data Count & Formulas Visualization :: PerfectXL

Why PerfectXL You Ask?

Because globally more than 750 million people use spreadsheets and 1 spreadsheet is averagely handled by 13 people. Research shows that 88% of all spreadsheets contain serious risks and errors. These mistakes add up to a rough loss of 7 billion dollars annually, because 90% of all crucial corporate analyses are based on Excel.

Inspired by these facts we (Infotron) developed PerfectXL in cooperation with TU Delft Spreadsheet lab and many other experts and knowledge partners, in order to reduce the amount of risks and errors in spreadsheets. Secondary we managed to save spreadsheet professionals a lot of costly time (days!) by efficiently automating the process of spreadsheet validation.

For Whom?

PerfectXL is essential for anyone who works with extensive spreadsheets. This includes accountants, financial experts and risk managers, but also planners, office managers and students. Major parties such as PwC, APG, PGGM, Port of Rotterdam, Schiphol Airport and AT Kearney already rely on the additional value of PerfectXL to their business. We offer different accounts for different types of users. Look at our pricing page for more information.

So … How Much?

We offer a free account for anyone who wants to get acquainted to the basic benefits of PerfectXL, before deciding to subscribe. This free account has no time limit, so join as long as you want! Do you want to take advantage of the full package of features? Then we suggest you have a look at our pricing page to see what type of account you prefer.