About PerfectXL

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to make great software for Excel users across the world. Excel is incredible, powerful, and flexible, but you can quickly feel out of your depth, you can make mistakes, and you can miss functionality that can be useful. That’s why we at PerfectXL provide you with the software to make Excel perfect.

Our Tools

PerfectXL Highlighter

The PerfectXL Highlighter is what’s been missing from Excel. Understanding your Excel files has never been this easy.

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PerfectXL Add-in

Would you like to avoid painful mistakes and hidden defects in your Excel files? Follow the example of many other Excel users and start using PerfectXL Add-in today.

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PerfectXL Risk Eliminator

Excel is only as reliable as its user, and human error is sadly only predictable in that it occurs often. Our Risk elimination tool helps you find mistakes and gives improvement suggestions through more than 70 risk findings.

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PerfectXL Explore

Formulas, external sources, pivot tables and graphs can now be visualized easily. PerfectXL Explore provides you with a comprehensible blueprint of your spreadsheet within seconds.

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Our Business Solutions

PerfectXL Audit Suite

If you want to have complete confidence in your Excel files, then the PerfectXL Audit Solution is a must have for you! No more random, unchecked spreadsheets! Effortlessly increase the quality of Excel files across your company.

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PerfectXL Validate Program

Our software equips companies with a validation processes adhering to all relevant government requirements. Streamline and standardize your Excel validation process now!

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Clients by Industry

Personal Computer by Jobs // PerfectXL Spreadsheet Validation

Accounting & Consulting

Whether you work for one of the big 5 or a smaller company in finance in consulting, PerfectXL can soon become unmissable for you. Request a demo of our comprehensive Excel auditing program!

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Abacus by Schott // PerfectXL Spreadsheet Validation

Banking & Investment

If you work in banking or investment, we want to help you develop a manageable audit system which will save you time, help you make less mistakes, and elevate the Excel files in your company.

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Baggage Handling // PerfectXL Spreadsheet Validation


Commerce involves money, money needs to be accounted for and tracked. This process often occurs in Excel, do you really want that information unchecked and unsupported?

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Omni-directional, Vertical-lift, Helicopter Drone by Vanderlip // PerfectXL Spreadsheet Validation

Transport & Logistics

Transport and logistics companies require precision, planning, and lots of data, which makes Excel an obvious tool. PerfectXL makes Excel perfect, reducing risks, improving insight, and offering best practice training.

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Phonograph by Edison // PerfectXL Spreadsheet Validation


Insurance companies are filled with large, complex calculation models. These are often built in Excel, and we aim to make Excel perfect, reduce the risks, and increase productivity.

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