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Our Partners

PerfectXL is a co-production of Infotron and the TU Delft Software Engineering department. Active involvement of partners such as the Software Improvement Group (SIG) and AAU University in Austria keeps us sharp at all times.

PerfectXL could never be what it is today without the incredible partners that have helped us along the way. These partners have made the immense amount of research and effort behind this company possible. We especially want to thank Jan Karel Pieterse and TU Delft for the role they have played in PerfectXL.


Microsoft’s BizSpark Programme for startups supported us in the first phase of the development of PerfectXL. The close relationship between TU Delft and Microsoft helps us with early identification of trends and the right contacts for optimal development.

Without TU Delft, there would be no PerfectXL. Its predecessor, Breviz, was developed as a component of the PhD programme of our founder Felienne Hermans. Nowadays the TU Delft has an actual Spreadsheetlab, where Felienne manages spreadsheet research as an Assistant Professor. The results of this research are continuously integrated in the development of PerfectXL. Infotron’s co-founder Arie van Deursen is a professor of Software Engineering at TU Delft.

SIG researches the quality of IT projects from big corporations and governments on a large scale. The acquired knowledge can often be applied to spreadsheets, more specifically to the use of VBA part. Infotron and SIG participate in a collaborative research

The Alpen-Adria Universität in Klagenfurt, Austria, is a valuable knowledge partner to PerfectXL. Like Infotron and TU Delft AAU University researches possible risks with the use of spreadsheets. We regularly share ideas and review eachother’s results.

Right from the beginning of our project, Robeco has supported us with the opportunity to speak to many of their spreadsheet professionals and to test our PerfectXL prototypes with them. This extensive and high quality group of test users has provided us with the best possible environment for effective product development.

R4PRO is a company full of excel professionals with years of experience, they offer many services as related to Excel, and are especially adept in the area of consultancy. PerfectXL and R4PRO work together frequently and look to continue to do so in the future, as R4PRO offers a great perspective into the workings and effectiveness of PerfectXL. R4PRO also offers training in PerfectXL and they have developed a set of Excel development guidelines which can be implemented.

Jan Karel develops custom solutions in Microsoft Office and is a top expert in Microsoft Excel and VBA. He has been granted the Microsoft MVP Award for each consecutive year since 2002, for his outstanding (volunteer) work in newsgroups, forums and for the excellent articles on his website. He has aided in the optimization of PerfectXL by means of his abundant Excel knowledge since it’s conception.

M1K LLC is a company founded by former Investment Banker, Pascal Schoneburg (CFA, FRM,CAIA), who consulted for and was in charge of modelling at JPM Corporate. He is an Excel expert that offers modelling, transaction advisory services to clients in the US, Canada and Europe. Due to his extensive understanding of Excel risks he works closely together with PerfectXL in a testing and advisory roll while continuing to build robust models for a variety of clients.

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