PerfectXL Compare for Spreadsheet Comparison

Our new Excel compare tool is fast, reliable, and easy to use. Compare two Excel sheets now and see for yourself!

Financial Modelling Innovation Award

PerfectXL Compare was named winner of the category “Audit Extraordinaire” during the Financial Modelling Innovation Awards Summit 2020. The prize was issued by an incredible panel of judges including modelers from the University of Cambridge and PwC.

“The category winner, PerfectXL Compare, deploys an intuitive user interface to solve a problem wanting in comparison of versions of the same model. In addition, really nifty drag and drop function with clickable outputs led it to being voted the winner.”

An Excel Compare Tool…


Spreadsheets are constantly altered, improved, and updated resulting in different versions of a spreadsheet. Generating a clear comparison of these versions can be incredibly helpful for Excel users.


Our tool compares two Excel sheets for differences between the two versions and provides users a detailed overview of findings. It tracks differences back to user actions, reporting only true changes.


The speed, accuracy, and completeness are largely due to a fundamental spreadsheet comparison research done by the TU Delft. The user friendly interface is based on user tests and best practices.

“This tool is fast and has a clear summary of differences, and is useful for auditing, developing, and validating spreadsheets.” – Robeco
“The tool is incredibly user friendly, colors are clear, and the fact that it is standalone is great. It’s fast, stable, and the results are correct.” – a.s.r


Our Excel compare tool is user friendly, easy to understand, and will quickly become an unmissable part of your work with Excel. Click the link below to quickly see how the tool really works with our step-by-step walk through.


User Cases & Application

This Excel compare tool was designed in collaboration with a large set of varying Excel users, experts, beginners, and users in major financial institutions. Read more about our use cases here and get an idea for the practical application of the tool.

User Cases & Application

Compare Alternatives

There are quite a few alternative Excel compare tools in the market. Some of them work quite well in specific scenarios, but again, we truly believe that our tool is a game changer. Read our competitor analysis here.

Compare Alternatives