On this page you will find a step-by-step walkthrough of the PerfectXL Compare Tool. This includes descriptions of the purpose of certain pages and functionality, screenshots of different parts of the tool itself, and explanations as to how the functionality could be used in your own workplace.

We also offer a more technical explanation, a more indepth general help, and you can always contact us.



You can upload files or drag and drop the excel files you want to analyze into the program. Most analysis takes just one second!


The first overview you see is summary, this has metadata, and an overview of the aggregated differences found between the spreadsheets.

Worksheet Overview

In this view you see the worksheets, this helps you quickly hone in on the different changed areas, and let’s you see which worksheets have been changed.

All Differences

This overview shows you all differences found between the spreadsheets, you can filter, change the view, and see more details for each difference.


The summary page is simply an overview of all the changes in your spreadsheet split into different categories. Here you can dive into specific difference types so you can focus on editing just the data, formulas, or structure. It is helpful for separating and categorizing differences, but the main purpose of this page is to give you an idea of how much has changed between the two versions of the spreadsheet.


Worksheet Overview

The worksheet overview shows you which worksheets have been deleted, moved, inserted, hidden, renamed, and protected. You can also see where the changes in your spreadsheet took place, specifically which sheets have been changed in which ways. This lets you zoom in specifically on the worksheets where the differences were found.

All Differences

The all differences overview shows you all the differences found between the two versions of the spreadsheet. At the end of each differences you can see how many cells were directly affected by this difference, whether it was a insertion, edit, or deletion. You can adjust this list with a variety of filters.

The individual differences can be viewed in line, or side by side, whichever you prefer. Just adjust the filter at the top of the page.

Difference expanded (inline diff)

Difference expanded (side by side)

PerfectXL Compare