About PerfectXL

Our Team
Passionate & Professional

Our team is diverse with each member bringing different strengths. Through great communication and common goals we are perfectly positioned to help companies worldwide work better with Excel. So, who are we? Get an idea through the examples below!

The director

Mateo Mol - Director at PerfectXL
Mateo Mol

With a background in Economics, Mateo strives to make Excel safe for business use, and wants to raise the bar for Excel worldwide. As director of PerfectXL he does through deciding strategy, working closely with clients, and through helping his team get the best out of their unique skillsets.

The founder

Felienne Hermans

Felienne is the original founder of what is now PerfectXL, many of the core ideas on spreadsheet risk are based on her research. Her focus has always been very academic and the foundation she laid is still very important to PerfectXL.

The frontend developers

Team lead: Joeri van Veen

Joeri heads off the strong frontend development side of PerfectXL. He is experienced in many facets of developments and is incredibly versatile, but he specializes in the look and feel of the software. Everything running well, and being visually perfect is just one ways we ensure an incredible customer experience.

The backend developers

Team lead: Willem-Jan Meerkerk

Willem-Jan leads an incredibly efficient backend development at PerfectXL. His ability to design and optimize the algorithms that make our software so unique is incredible. His love for systems and structure gives him the ability to find possibilities that seem impossible for the rest of us.

The marketing team

Marketing Director: Joel Steendam

Joel works with a team of content developers, SEO specialists, and advertisement bureaus to promote the PerfectXL brand. His strong creativity and sociability help him open doors to new markets and clients constantly. His strong focus on international clients requires the team to be flexible and dynamic.

The network of consultants

Microsoft Excel MVP: Jan Karel Pieterse

One of the many consultants we work with is Jan Karel Pieterse, an Excel MVP with deep understanding of Excel functionality and especially VBA. He works with us through product testing, consultancy, and will sometimes pick up validation and development trajectories for our clients. We work with many high level professionals like Jan Karel to ensure that we are always providing the very best person for each job.

How can PerfectXL help you?

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