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Located in Amsterdam and Delft in the Netherlands, our team members each specialize in different disciplines. There is, however, one important thing that connects us: we all love spreadsheets!

Passions, work ethic,
and love of great software

One of the many things that binds our team together is a love for board games. Figuring out the intricacies in human interaction and discussing optimal strategies is something that carries over into our work style perfectly. We stay competitive, focused, and determined while also lifting each other up, discussing optimal strategies, and enjoying ourselves. As a real team each individuals victory is a victory for all of us as we strive to point out each others strengths, and support each other in our weaknesses. Our collective goal is to make great Excel related software for great clients that will truly see and experience the value of PerfectXL.

Team Members

Michiel Broomans
Marketing Consultant

Michiel is a sales driven marketer, and is a natural team builder. He assists PerfectXL in developing the correct product and marketing strategy and he is responsible for the optimization of the marketing and sales branch of infotron.

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Joel Steendam
Marketing & Sales

Joel has a great love for the wider Excel community. From a place of relationship building and good contact he strives to build the PerfectXL brand, develop content, and forge genuine bonds with users and the community at large.

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Arie van Deursen
Co-Founder Infotron

Arie was Felienne’s professor and supervisor during her PhD and was closely involved in the creation of Infotron, Previously, he successfully co-founded the Software Improvement Group.

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Team PerfectXL

Felienne Hermans
Founder of Infotron

Felienne is Assistant Professor at the Delft University of Technology, where she researches end-user programming.

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Joeri van Veen

Joeri is driven, analytical, creative and he has an eye for detail. Programming and photography are right up his alley.

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Anne Jellema
Online Strategist

Anne is an independent online strategist and owner of JB Business Consultancy. She helps Infotron by being responsible for the online presence and authority of PerfectXL within its niche.

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Team PerfectXL

Mateo Mol

Mateo has always been crazy about numbers and about games. He studied econometrics and politics. Mateo has always been crazy about numbers and about games. He studied econometrics and politics.

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Willem-Jan Meerkerk
Software Developer

Willem-Jan, who recently graduated with an MSc from TU Delft, is enthusiastic about bringing his knowledge of Computer Science into practice. In 2019 he successfully completed graduation project on ‘Comparing Spreadsheets’ at Infotron. Now he has joined the team as a software developer, he loves the challenge of developing intelligent solutions for complex problems.

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