PerfectXL Tutorials

To make PerfectXL as easy as possible for our users we offer you different types of tutorials. Watch, read or download as you please. If you need extra information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Try our new interactive 10 step PerfectXL tutorial in Excel!

Video Tutorials

In the videos below, we thoroughly describe and demonstrate several features and possibilities of PerfectXL. In time we will add more video tutorials.

Video Tutorial: Tracing Problems in Spreadsheet Calculations :: PerfectXL

Tracing Problems in Calculations

When spreadsheets contain inconsistencies or suspected miscalculations, it takes great effort to find the problem manually. In this video we’ll show you how to use PerfectXL’s Formula Breakdown feature to locate and fix the problems in spreadsheet calculations within a matter of minutes. 

Learn how to trace problems in spreadsheet calculations

Video Tutorial: How to Check Your Input Source in Excel :: PerfectXL

How to Check Your Input Sources in Excel

In this video we’ll show you how to run a quick basic check of the input sources of your spreadsheet and how to determine if there is any unknown input. We also demonstrate a powerful way to visualize your spreadsheet’s information flow to help determine the function and dependability of each worksheet.

Learn how to check your input sources in Excel

Video Tutorial: How to Quickly Validate Your Spreadsheet :: PerfectXL

How to Quickly Validate your Spreadsheet

88% of spreadsheets contain hidden issues. These issues can be a serious risk to the outcome of your spreadsheet. This video shows you how PerfectXL helps you to quickly validate your spreadsheet on basis of 75 types of risks, without having to check every cell manually.

Learn how to validate your spreadsheet

Excel Add-in Video Tutorials

How to Unhide/Rehide Cells, Columns & Worksheets with the PerfectXL Add-in

Unhide and Rehide Hidden Worksheets, Rows & Columns

Hiding sheets, rows and columns can be a neat solution to present the spreadsheet to an end-user, but very annoying to the spreadsheet developer. In this video we’ll show you how you can easily unhide and rehide hidden worksheets in Excel with the PerfectXL add-in.

Learn how to unhide and rehide hidden elements

How to spot recorded macros in your spreadsheet :: Tutorial :: PerfectXL Add-in

How to Spot Recorded Macros in Your Spreadsheet

VBA is very powerful, but when improperly programmed it can also pose a risk. Recorder macros in particular are unreliable and highly context-specific. In this video we’ll explain to you how to find them with the PerfectXL Add-in for Excel.

Learn how to spot recorded macros in your spreadsheet

How to find circular references in your spreadsheet :: Tutorial :: PerfectXL Add-in

Find (Hidden) Circular References in your Spreadsheet

(Hidden) circular references occur when Excel tries to compute a result of a cell that’s already been visited during the calculation round. Excel doesn’t warn us of conditional circular references. In this video we’ll show you how PerfectXL detects any circular reference.

Learn how to find circular references in your spreadsheet

Tutorial Pages

Learn how to use PerfectXL within a few quick and easy steps, with our tutorial pages by subject. Every feature is described thoroughly.


A brief introduction to our tool and its basics: the spreadsheet homepage, the basic overviews and how to upload your first spreadsheet into your portfolio for analysis. Learn how to navigate between the different functionalities of PerfectXL and what they can do for you.

Get familiar with the tool


To understand how a spreadsheet works, you need to know about its structure. In this spreadsheet visualization tutorial we explain to you how to use the visualization feature of PerfectXL. With this feature you can reveal the structure easily yet very effectively.

Read the spreadsheet visualization tutorial


This spreadsheet characteristics tutorial teaches you how to find the key characteristics of your spreadsheet in one simple overview. In addition to an overview of worksheets you can find information about cells, formulas and external sources that you use.

Read the spreadsheet characteristics tutorial

Risks & Suggestions

To be able to trust a spreadsheet, a thorough check for errors and mistakes is essential. In this tutorial we show you how to let PerfectXL analyze your spreadsheet for 75 kinds of risks and where to find suggestions for improvement.

Read the tutorial spreadsheet risks & suggestions

Formula Breakdown

When a formula becomes long and incomprehensible, it can be difficult to see if it’s still correct. In this formula breakdown tutorial we teach you how to use PerfectXL’s Formula Breakdown feature, which assists you in understanding the formulas in your spreadsheet. By clicking a formula you can, much better than in Excel itself, discover how they work.

Read the formula breakdown tutorial


The feature ‘Constants’ summarizes all the constants in your spreadsheet. This includes their exact locations and where in your spreadsheet references are made to these constants. This overview helps you determine which numbers are fundamental to your results and to verify the assumptions of your spreadsheet.

Read the tutorial about constants in your spreadsheet


PerfectXL Reports allows you to download a PDF with a minimal or a detailed summary of your findings, but you can also report right back to Excel. In this tutorial we show you how to generate different spreadsheet validation reports.

Learn how to create reports of your spreadsheet validation


In this tutorial we teach you how to compare the various spreadsheets in your portfolio. Comparing can be very helpful when you have different versions of the same file. PerfectXL compares spreadsheets on several key aspects.

Learn how to compare spreadsheets