Introduction to PerfectXL

A brief introduction to our tool and its basics: the spreadsheet homepage, the basic overviews and how to upload your first spreadsheet. Learn how to navigate between the different functionalities of PerfectXL and what they do for you.

Quick Start

To use PerfectXL, open the webtool in a browser and log in to your account. The Portfolio is the first page you see after logging in. Drag and drop a spreadsheet from your computer into you portfolio, or choose a file via Upload.

Note: PerfectXL works best in Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge.

My Portfolio :: Introduction to PerfectXL

After a spreadsheet has been uploaded to PerfectXL, the analysis will start immediately. This takes anywhere between a few seconds and a few minutes. When ready, click the spreadsheet to view the analysis.

Spreadsheet Analysis :: Introduction to PerfectXL

Spreadsheet Homepage

The spreadsheet homepage displays a global overview of your spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Homepage :: Introduction to PerfectXL

Use the options VisualizationCharacteristicsRisks & ImproveFormula BreakdownConstantsReports and Compare to navigate between the functions of PerfectXL. These tabs show you everything you need to know about the analyzed spreadsheet.

Use the My Portfolio button to go back to the overview of all your spreadsheets.

Functionality Overview

Functionality Overview :: Introduction to PerfectXL

1. Overview

The landing page of a spreadsheet analysis. Here you will find several key characteristics of your spreadsheet.

2. Visualization

Learn to understand the structure of a spreadsheet through a visualization. Various visualization types bring to personal the structure, dependencies and riskiness of the worksheets in your spreadsheet.

Learn more about spreadsheet visualization.

3. Characteristics

Insight into the key attributes of your spreadsheet, such as the number of non-empty cells per worksheet and a list with external sources.

Learn more about the overview of spreadsheet characteristics. 

4. Risks & Suggestions

PerfectXL analyzes your spreadsheet for 29 kinds of risk. The Risk & Suggestions section of the tool provides both a summary as well as a detailed list of all the risks, including suggestions for improvement.

Learn more about the Risks & Suggestions functionality.

5. Formula Breakdown

Long, complex formulas are often hard to follow. Where does its input come from? What are the risks? The Formula Breakdown starts with an overview of all formulas: for each formula you can trace the origins and discover exactly how your formula works.

Learn more about the Formula Breakdown functionality.

6. Constants

Which input numbers are used in your spreadsheet? This section provides a list of all cells that contain numbers and which are being referred to from other cells.

Learn more about the overview of constants in your spreadsheet.

7. VBA


8. Reports

A summary or extended PDF-report is directly available from PerfectXL. You can also report back to Excel, where you download a copy of the original spreadsheet with extra sheets that contain valuable information, such as risks, formulas, constants or copies of existing sheets with special colouring.

Learn more about the different reports PerfectXL can produce for you.

9. Compare

Compare your spreadsheet with another spreadsheet from your portfolio on complexity and risk indicators.

Learn how to compare spreadsheets with PerfectXL.

Watch our Video Tutorials

In the video’s below, several features and possibilities of PerfectXL are described and demonstrated thoroughly. In time we will add more video tutorials.

Video Tutorial: Tracing Problems in Spreadsheet Calculations :: PerfectXL

Tracing Problems in Calculations

When spreadsheets contain inconsistencies or suspected miscalculations, it takes great effort to find the problem manually. In this video we’ll show you how to use PerfectXL’s Formula Breakdown feature to locate and fix the problems in spreadsheet calculations within a matter of minutes. 

Learn how to trace problems in spreadsheet calculations

Video Tutorial: How to Check Your Input Source in Excel :: PerfectXL

How to Check Your Input Sources in Excel

In this video we’ll show you how to run a quick basic check of the input sources of your spreadsheet and how to determine if there is any unknown input. We’ll also show you a powerful way to visualize your spreadsheet’s information flow to help determine the function and dependability of each worksheet.

Learn how to check your input sources in Excel

Video Tutorial: How to Quickly Validate Your Spreadsheet :: PerfectXL

How to Quickly Validate your Spreadsheet

88% of spreadsheets contain hidden issues. These issues can be a serious risk to the outcome of your spreadsheet. This video shows you how PerfectXL helps you to quickly validate your spreadsheet on 29 types of risk, without having to check every cell manually.

Learn how to validate your spreadsheet