Tutorial Spreadsheet Risks & Suggestions

To be able to trust a spreadsheet, a thorough check for errors and mistakes is essential. In this tutorial we show you how to let PerfectXL analyse your spreadsheet for 29 kinds of risks and where to find suggestions for improvement.

Analyse your Spreadsheet for Risks

Start with uploading and analysing your spreadsheet into your PerfectXL account. Then click the name of your file to see the full analysis and choose the tab ‘Risks & Suggestions’. 

Summary of Detected Risks

Risks & Suggestions starts with a summary of all findings. The overview is divided into 6 subcategories of risks: 

  1. Calculation doubts
  2. Structure issues
  3. Range issues
  4. Hidden info
  5. Complex formulas
  6. Vulnerable functions

For each possible risk the tool tells you how many incidents were detected and wether these incidents are considered high, medium or low risks.

Tutorial Spreadsheet Risks & Suggestions :: PerfectXL

Risk Details & Location

Once you know that your spreadsheet contains risks, of course you want to inspect these incidents and solve them if necessary. PerfectXL helps you with these two steps as well. First you click on the risk category or a specific type of risk you want to inspect.

Tutorial Spreadsheet Risks & Suggestions :: PerfectXL

Next you will find an overview with specific details of all the incidents found: worksheet, cell, type of risk, level and formula.

Tutorial Spreadsheet Risks & Suggestions - Details :: PerfectXL

Use the filter options to find a specific incident or click on a column header to sort the table by this characteristic.

Suggestions for Improvement

Click on a detected risk to find more information about what’s going on and suggestions to solve it. Note: PerfectXL won’t solve it for you: the final decision to modify your spreadsheet is always up to you.

Tutorial Spreadsheet Risks & Suggestions for Improvement :: PerfectXL

Watch our Video Tutorials

In the video’s below, several features and possibilities of PerfectXL are described and demonstrated thoroughly. In time we will add more video tutorials.

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