Add-In Updates and Releases

Below you will find an archive of updates over the past few months with bug fix and update information.


Plugin Version 1.10.420

April 16, 2019

  • Fix bug where the plugin would misbehave when XLAM plugins are loaded at the same time.
  • Various other bugfixes and stability improvements.


Plugin Version 1.8.415

Jan 28, 2019

Major Improvements:

  • Improvement: better processing of server certificates
  • Improvement of the user interface: add buttons to PerfectXL task panes
  • Performance: better assessment of which logic should be performed when
  • Turn off the screen update during expensive operations
  • New Feature: Expand and Collapse formulas
  • Front end ordering changes/improvement
  • Improved processing speed
  • General Bug fixes


Version 1.6.408

December 4,2018

  • New Feature: Protection Manager
  • Various Improvements to improve stability


Version 1.5.405

Jun 14,2018

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes
  • The Chromium engine has been upgraded to version 64.0.3282.24.


Version 1.3.398

May 26,2018

  • Built with Add-in Express v9.0
  • More error catching and logging to improve overall stability


Version 1.3.397

May 24,2018

  • Hyperlinks from risk details, formula overview and constants page back to Excel document
  • Improved login process
  • Improve system logging
  • Lots of internal changes
  • New icons
  • HelpButton is also available when user is not logged in
  • Refactor BrowserTaskPane to be even more robust
  • Updated NuGet packages
  • Fix: improve ribbon status when swithting workbooks or servers
  • Change: option to disable auto-updater


Version 1.2.396

May 14,2018

  • Refactor BrowserTaskPane to be even more robust
  • Use loader file from ADX 9.0
  • Update NuGet packages
  • Fix. Improve ribbon status when switching workbooks or servers
  • Fix changing the PerfectXL server via settings
  • Fix. Make sure that active workbook is in session manager after logging out
  • Feature: you can now click on cells and ranges in the risk overview and the formula analyzer
  • Feature: you can now disable the auto-updater
  • New ribbon icons
  • Improve authentication via Bearer token


Version 1.0.390

Mar 8,2018

  • New icons
  • Fixed out-of-memory problems with the “Unhide Everything” function
  • PerfectXL now analyzes XLSB files without a crash
  • Ribbon does not report problems anymore when closing