Data Visualization

Data visualization is a way to provide a clear view of how your spreadsheet works and how the worksheets are interconnected. This allows you to quickly learn the structure of spreadsheets you’re unfamiliar with or to explain your own spreadsheets to other users.

Why Data Visualization?

An elaborate spreadsheet with a large amount of worksheets can be quite complicated. It usually takes some effort for anyone unfamiliar with the spreadsheet to fully understand how it is set up. Working with spreadsheets you haven’t worked with before is like trying to find your way through a disorienting maze. In order to navigate a maze, you need a map. And that’s where data visualization comes in.

With the visualization of your worksheets, you can spot at a glance how all worksheets of a spreadsheet are connected to each other or to external sources. It also shows in what way input, calculative sheets and output sheets are separated.

Normally it would take hours to explain your spreadsheet to other users. With proper spreadsheet visualization, it takes mere minutes.

One practical purpose for visualization is that it allows for quick checkups of the spreadsheet. Any mistakes, like omitted worksheets or the lack of a proper separation between input and calculation sheets, are at first glance noticeable in a visualization of the worksheets in your spreadsheet.

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Data Visualization Improves Accessibility

Another reason to use data visualization has to do with accessibility for other users. Suppose you’ve been working on one particularly complicated spreadsheet. You’ve pretty much been working on it solo. A deadline is due and the spreadsheet needs to be updated. However, there is no way you’ll be able to do it, due to pressing matters elsewhere. The only way the spreadsheet is going to be updated in time is if a colleague is going to fill in for you. But save for yourself, no one at the office is familiar with your spreadsheet.

In order to navigate a maze, you need a map. And that’s where visualization of the worksheets comes in handy.

Normally it would take hours to explain your spreadsheet to other users. With proper data visualization, it takes mere minutes. By using a clear overview of the structure of your spreadsheet, your colleague can now easily figure out the inner workings of the spreadsheet and provide those necessary updates.

In short, data visualization is a tool that allows you to efficiently examine and easily share spreadsheets.

PerfectXL Spreadsheet Data Visualization

Visualization is an important tool when it comes to spreadsheet validation. Through data visualization, PerfectXL shows you how all worksheets, input, calculations, formulas and output within your spreadsheet are related to eachother. The spreadsheet is translated into a schematic representation, in which the flow of information is indicated by of arrows and colour coded labels. PerfectXL makes use of different types of data visualization, with every type examining different aspects of your spreadsheet.

Visualization Feature

Understanding the working of a spreadsheet is key to correctly interpreting results. The PerfectXL spreadsheet visualization feature is an essential component of that. It allows you to create a graphical model of the general flow of information, but also of risks, input & output and data & formula flows.

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Visualization Tutorial

To understand how a spreadsheet works, you need to know about its structure. With the visualization feature of PerfectXL, you can reveal this structure easily yet very effectively. Arrows indicate how worksheets in your spreadsheet exchange information through formulas.

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