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Excel Modeling for Companies: Best Practices & Pitfalls

About the training

Excel training for better business models in your company. Improve quality, gain consistency, encourage transparency, and hold your colleagues to a higher standard. Raise the bar for Excel in your company with this training.

  • The fundamentals for perfect Excel models
  • Interactive discussions, readings, and videos
  • 4 week in depth course
  • Fully available online

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Your Trainers

Microsoft Certified Excel Professionals

This course was designed by Microsoft’s designated “Most Valuable Professionals” or Excel MVP’s. 11 different MVP’s collaborated with us in designing this course. These individuals have tens of years of experience with Excel and work with the biggest companies in the world. Here are a few of them:

Excel Trainer / MVP Leila Gharani - PerfectXL // Online Excel TrainingLeila Gharani

Excel Trainer / MVP Charles Williams - PerfectXL // Online Excel TrainingCharles Williams

Excel Trainer / MVP Liam Bastick - PerfectXL // Online Excel TrainingLiam Bastick

Excel Trainer / MVP Oz du Soleil - PerfectXL // Online Excel TrainingOz Du Soleil

Excel Trainer / MVP Chandoo - PerfectXL // Online Excel TrainingChandoo 

Excel Trainer / MVP Gasper Kamensek - PerfectXL // Online Excel TrainingGasper Kamensek

Excel Trainer / MVP Herve Thierez - PerfectXL // Online Excel TrainingHerve Thierez

Excel Trainer / MVP Jan Karel Pieterse - PerfectXL // Online Excel TrainingJan Karel Pieterse

“Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, are community leaders who’ve demonstrated an exemplary commitment to helping others get the most out of their experience with Microsoft technologies. They share their exceptional passion, real-world knowledge, and technical expertise with the community and with Microsoft.”


The Universities

This course doesn’t just involve experts in Excel, but also experts in education. Three of the most prestigious Universities in the Netherlands supported this course. The universities involvement included expert videos from professors in economics and programming.

Excel Trainer / MVP Felienne Hermans - PerfectXL // Online Excel TrainingFelienne Hermans, Universiteit Leiden

Excel Trainer Arie van Deursen - TU Delft // Online Excel TrainingArie Van Deursen, Technical University Delft

Excel Trainer Jan Stoop - Erasmus Rotterdam // Online Excel TrainingJan Stoop, Erasmus University Rotterdam

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How it works


Each lesson includes a video featuring an Expert in that particular topic, this is a short video to get you engaged and interested in and excited about the lesson.


Each lesson will include an in depth reading written by an Excel expert. A deep dive on specific topics with information on how you can improve your own Excel models.


Each lesson week will also include activities such as discussion prompts that get you thinking, practical quizes to test the material, and hands on assignments in Excel.

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We are now offering this 4 week online course starting at just €990.- for up to 10 users (minimum 2), with an additional €50.- per user after the first 10. Contact us to get started: