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PerfectXL provides Excel consultancy and customization services. We build and refactor efficient, easily maintainable spreadsheet models.

Does your spreadsheet need refactoring or are you looking for an efficient team of professionals to build a tailor made solution for your computations, scheduling, or finances in Excel? Many Excel users are tired of complex and hard to manage models that are impossible to maintain. Look no further, at PerfectXL we build and refactor efficient, easily maintainable spreadsheet models from scratch to meet your specific needs.

Why we build spreadsheets

Building spreadsheets is art and we’ve made it our job. You will be amazed how quickly we can build a custom solution for you which is not only effective, but also easy to work with. More efficient and cheaper than other options, but still easily matching the standard of excellence. Whether you need a financial model, a schedule planner, or just some database, it doesn’t matter. We make models that are usable by anyone, even the most novice excel users.

You know how to build a good spreadsheet

And we believe you. Fact is that the average spreadsheet has a lifespan of 5 years and 13 different users. It’s also known that every spreadsheet builder makes mistakes and will keep on making them, no matter how skilled he is. So every spreadsheet can benefit from an extra pair of eyes. Additionally, at PerfectXL, we have a set of tools to help us avoid and detect mistakes and errors in Excel files.

Our promise to you

We aim to complete every and any project within 3 weeks. We don’t like super complicated IT-coding solutions. The more concrete a problem, the simpler our solution. Usually we will build you a new system from scratch, sometimes we will integrate small parts from your current spreadsheets. In some rare cases the current spreadsheets are already pretty good, they just need some refactoring or a little bit of a touch up to improve functionality. Tell us what the case is, after one conversion we will be ready for you with a quote.

Excel Consultancy & Customization

Every organisation, large and small, faces countless challenges that can be solved using Excel spreadsheets. Business cases, logistical projects, advanced scheduling systems and the most complex computations. We are ready to help you. Our philosophy is: the simpler, the better. We prefer to use our time to think of a constructive, simple and elegant solution that helps you, rather than putting in a lot of effort to create a complicated system that is hard for you to maintain. If at all possible, we avoid VBA macros, and if Excel doesn’t turn out to be the best solution for your particular case, we will say so. We work efficiently and affordably in collaboration with the TU Delft SpreadsheetLab. A few examples:


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Deduplication of data is a common problem in Excel. Excel itself offers a practical function to perform simple deduplication, but this deduplication is definitive and difficult to check.

Are you looking for an expert to validate your spreadsheet? Look no further! At PerfectXL, as leading experts in validity and spreadsheets security.

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