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One Off Audit

Are you looking for an expert to validate your spreadsheet? Look no further! At PerfectXL, as leading experts in validity and spreadsheets security, we will gladly work with you to check if your spreadsheets are up to scratch.

We can provide you with a written seal of approval from an expert to assure your clients and colleagues of the validity of your model.

  • Software supported audits
  • Improvement suggestions
  • Fast implementation

PerfectXL Spreadsheet Validation

Doubt the quality of your spreadsheets? Need a check from Excel experts to guarantee the quality of your spreadsheet? Look no further. We can quickly check and validate your spreadsheets. You’ll receive a clear report about the good and bad aspects of a spreadsheet. This report is of particular use to start improving your spreadsheets or to show others that the spreadsheet meets a certain quality standard.

Our analysis will be based on the risks as detected by our analysis tool PerfectXL and the visualisations it produces. PerfectXL detects things like fixed numbers in formulas, unintentional double counts, incorrectly specified ranges, formulas that are too complex and a lot more. We have validated spreadsheets for the following organizations and many others with great results:

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Deduplication of data is a common problem in Excel. Excel itself offers a practical function to perform simple deduplication, but this deduplication is definitive and difficult to check.

PerfectXL provides Excel consultancy and customization services. We build and refactor efficient, easily maintainable spreadsheet models.

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