Excel glossary

What is an Operator Sign in Excel

An operator sign is a symbol that indicates a type of computation between cells and/or integers and are often used in the more straightforward types of calculations in Excel. Excel distinguishes four types of operator signs: arithmetic, comparison, text and reference.

Arithmetic Operator Signs

minussubstraction or negation=A1-B1 or -A1
%percentdivision by 100=A1%

Comparison Operator Signs

>greater than=A1>B1
<smaller than=A1<B1
=>equal to or greater than=A1=>B1
<=equal to or smaller than=A1<=B1
<>not equal to=A1<>B1

Text Operator Signs

&andconnects entries to create one entry=A1&” “&B1

Reference Operator Signs

:colonindicating a range=SUM(A1:B1)
,commauniting separate cell references into one reference=SUM(A1,B1:C1,D1)
spaceintersection=SUM(A1:B1 C1:D1)