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Spreadsheet Validation

A thorough validation of your spreadsheet can be crucial, but it’s a time consuming task to do so. PerfectXL spreadsheet validation tools, such as inner structure visualization and Excel formula validation save a lot of time and help you build error free spreadsheets.

Validating the Inner Structure of your Spreadsheet

PerfectXL offers a number of tools to get a clear view of the inner structure of your spreadsheet. With Spreadsheet Visualization, you can get a schematic overview that easily shows the flow of information and the internal structure. Other ways to validate your spreadsheet is by letting PerfectXL break down your spreadsheet in a summary of characteristics, such as the amount of worksheets, cells and external sources.

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Spreadsheet Risk Validation Excel

Risk Validation is a feature of PerfectXL that lets you automatically inspect your spreadsheet for any types of risk and Excel mistakes. The feature produces a list of all risks found within the spreadsheet, along with locations of all the cells where these risks are present. PerfectXL currently covers 21 distinct risk types.

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Checking Formulas and Constants

The longer a formula within a spreadsheet becomes, the less clear it is to see if the formula still checks out. The feature Formula Breakdown lets you inspect the formulas that have been used in your spreadsheet. The formulas are listed by Formula Breakdown, allowing you to check them out individually. Formula Breakdown also applies its own system for Excel formula validation and risk detection. Besides formulas, PerfectXL also provides a list on constants that are in use within your spreadsheet.

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Share and Review Validation Results

Knowing the structure of your spreadsheet is nice. Letting other users know that structure is even better. With PerfectXL, you can compile a report on your spreadsheet that clearly explains all characteristics, formulas and constants. In addition to this information, you can also provide a list of present risks. This report can be easily shared with colleagues by downloading it as a PDF file.

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