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Validate the Internal Structure of the Spreadsheet

PerfectXL offers a number of tools to get a clear view of the inner structure of your spreadsheet. With Spreadsheet Visualization, you can get a schematic overview that easily shows the flow of information and the internal structure. Other ways to validate your spreadsheet is by letting PerfectXL break down your spreadsheet in a summary of characteristics, such as the amount of worksheets, cells and external sources.

Validate Data Through Visualization

With visualization, you can validate the internal structure of your spreadsheet. This allows you to check your spreadsheet for accuracy, examine input and output and map different cell types. Visualization also lets you create straightforward schematic representations of your spreadsheet. By using the information inside your spreadsheet, the spreadsheet is translated into easily understandable visuals, such as a flow diagram.

Multiple Worksheets

PerfectXL - Visualization default view

Detailed Information



Different Modes of Visualization

There are several modes of visualization. The input-output visualization examines whether there is still a clear separation between input sheets, calculative sheets and output sheets. Arrows and color labels show how the information flows within the spreadsheet, allowing you to easily validate the internal structure of the spreadsheet.

Data Count


Color Mapping

Validate internal structure of information and formulas