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Validation of Formulas and Constants

The feature Formula Breakdown lets you inspect the formulas that have been used in your spreadsheet. The formulas are listed by Formula Breakdown, allowing you to check them out individually. Formula Breakdown also applies its own system for Excel formula validation and risk detection. Besides formulas, PerfectXL also provides a list on constants that are in use within your spreadsheet.

Formula Breakdown

The tab button Formula Breakdown gives you information on all formulas used in your spreadsheet. All formulas are presented as search results in list. You can filter these search results on worksheets, risk level and other characteristics to directly show the formulas you’re looking for. You can also search for a formula of a specific cell by choosing a worksheet and putting in the specific cell location.

Clicking on a formula shows you the formula breakdown. This lists all cells that make use of this specific formula. By clicking on cells, you’re shown how the formula works from cell to cell. In short, you’re literally breaking down the formula into all its separate elements.

Watch our video tutorial how to use the Formula Breakdown feature.

PerfectXL - Formula Breakdown - Inspect a Formula

Excel Formula Validation and Risk Assessment

Formula Breakdown also shows you all risks that are tied to the use of your formulas. Similar to the Risk Validation feature, PerfectXL assesses all situations with regards to formulas that could be faulty. These risks for error are divided in direct risks and indirect risks. Direct risks are marked by a closed triangle and are directly related to the formula. Indirect risks are risks found in underlying formulas and are marked by an open triangle. “Direct” and “indirect” shouldn’t be seen as indications of the severity of the risk, as an error in an underlying formula can screw up a cell result just as much as a mistake in the main formula.


The tab button Constants shows you a list of all constant values that are being used by the formulas of your spreadsheet. Like with Formula Breakdown, these constants are put in a list that can be filtered by worksheet or cell value range. Clicking on a constant shows you all cells and their related formulas that make use of the constant.

Formula Breakdown and Constants

Tutorial Formula Breakdown

Discover how your formula works, by using PerfectXL's Formula Breakdown option. Read the Formula Breakdown tutorial to see how it works!