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PerfectXL Add-in

Do you ever make mistakes in Excel? Do your colleagues? Well our add-in is a tool directly in your Excel that helps you avoid those mistakes. A smart combination between risk detection, extra information, productivity features, and reports allows you to have more control in Excel, and make less mistakes.

  • Risk Detection & Tips
  • Reporting & Protection
  • Productivity & Insight

What does this add-in
do for you?

The PerfectXL add-in helps the user make their spreadsheets safer by scanning the spreadsheet for risks. Additionally, a data model helps users understand their spreadsheets and improve their standard of work. There are also several features that make Excel easier to use such as the Formula Expander, Highlighter, and Protection Manager.

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Immediate added value

This software will immediately improve your Excel experience through the following features:

  • Workbook statistics & visualization
  • Risk Detection, VBA Risks, & Formula Breakdown
  • Protection Manager, Unhide/Rehide, & Formula Expander
  • Smart reporting to Excel & PDF

Other PerfectXL tools

PerfectXL Risk Eliminator

Excel is only as reliable as its user, and human error is sadly only predictable in that it occurs often. Our Risk elimination tool helps you find mistakes and gives improvement suggestions through more than 70 risk findings.

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PerfectXL Explore

Formulas, external sources, pivot tables and graphs can now be visualized easily. PerfectXL Explore provides you with a comprehensible blueprint of your spreadsheet within seconds.

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Our new Excel compare tool is fast, reliable, and easy to use. Compare two Excel sheets now and see for yourself!

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  • Risk Detection & Tips
  • Reporting & Protection
  • Productivity & Insight

More about the PerfectXL Add-in

A step-by-step walkthrough of the PerfectXL Add-in is a list of all available features with a short description accompanying each one.

Here you will find information like system requirements, release notes, and answers to most questions about our software.

Protection Manager gives the user insight into current protection standings, and also gives the user the ability to quickly change and improve the protection of any spreadsheet.

Hiding sheets, rows and columns can be a neat solution to present the spreadsheet to an end-user, but very annoying to the spreadsheet developer.

PerfectXL provides several tools to help you with this, such as a formula breakdown and an overview of all constants and formulas.

This spreadsheet characteristics tutorial teaches you how to find the key characteristics of your spreadsheet in one simple overview.

Formula Expander helps Excel users to understand and edit long, and complex formulas.

VBA is very powerful, but when it’s not properly utilized, it can also pose a risk. Recorded macros in particular are unreliable and highly context-specific.

The feature ‘Constants’ summarizes all the constants in your spreadsheet, including the exact locations and where in your spreadsheet references are made to these constants.

The PerfectXL Add-in Highlighter Feature provides inside information about formula ranges, consistent formulas and data types, by (temporarily) highlighting them in your spreadsheet.

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