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Formula Breakdown & Insights

Formulas are the heart and brain of an Excel spreadsheet. Understanding the model is key to properly use and maintain a spreadsheet, as well as knowing the input sources of your calculations. PerfectXL provides several tools to help you with this, such as a formula breakdown and an overview of all constants and formulas.

Formula Overview

An overview of all the unique formulas in your spreadsheet is an excellent way to assess the size and complexity of your model. Exceptionally large formulas are easily noticed. The overview lets you know if any of the formulas in your spreadsheet are specified at a low, medium or high risk level and where exactly they can be found (worksheet and cell). Filters help you navigate to precisely the formula you may wish to investigate. Once you find a formula that needs your attention, you just click it to go straight to its breakdown.

Overview of all formulas used in an Excel file // PerfectXL

Formula Breakdown

Sometimes you just need to be sure about a calculation. That’s why we created the Formula Breakdown feature as part of the PerfectXL Risk Eliminator. This revolutionary tool lets you review the workings of a formula by traversing the tree of cell references all the way back to the source. Ranges are split up into their significant constituent components and both risks and underlying risks are presented along the way.

This is the perfect tool if you want to be certain about all the calculations in your spreadsheets. It gives you a clear insight into problems that might take weeks to discover manually (if discovered at all).

Formula Breakdown for Excel files feature of PerfectXL Risk Eliminator

Constants Overview

Are you curious about the constants that are used by formulas throughout your spreadsheet? Visit the constants section of PerfectXL Risk Eliminator for an elegant overview of all referred constants. The schedule shows you the value and the exact location (worksheet and cell) of each constant, as well as the location of the formula (or formulas) in which they are used.

Overview of all constants in an Excel file // PerfectXL

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