PerfectXL Add-in

Hightlighter Task Pane

The PerfectXL Add-in Highlighter Feature provides inside information about formula ranges, consistent formulas and data types, by (temporarily) highlighting them in your spreadsheet.

About the Highlighter Task Pane

When you are staring at a table or formula in Excel and you can’t seem to figure out what it does, it will help you to know if there are any irregularities. The Highlighter Task Pane helps you find irregularities in the blink of an eye, saving you a lot of precious time.

The highlighter task pane allows you to understand the basic setup of a spreadsheet within seconds. The tool temporarily removes the custom styling of the spreadsheet and adds in colours that give information about the formulas and data.

Formulas and Function Types

Color codes reveal which cells contain formulas and which cells use single references to other cells. They also expose where different types of functions are used, like SUM, SUBTOTAL, VLOOKUP and IF. The 15 most frequently used functions are visualized. And ‘Consistent Formulas’ reveals where formulas are extended.

The 15 most frequently used function types are also exposed by color codes, like SUM, SUBTOTAL, VLOOKUP and IF. The option Consistent Formulas shows you which formulas are extended and which are not, by revealing deviations from logical patterns.

Constistent Formulas Highlighted in your Excel File // PerfectXL Add-in

Formula Scope

Where does the data input of a formula originate from? Does it use and references and if so, are they from within the same worksheet, spreadsheet or maybe even from different documents? It is no longer necessary to check each individual cell. The highlighter option visualizes all this information for you.

Formula Scope Highlighter // PerfectXL Add-in

Data Type

Last but not least the highlighter shows the type of input data your spreadsheet is using. Does it use text fields, numbers, dates or a different type?

Excel Data Type Highlighter // PerfectXL Add-in