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Protection Manager

The PerfectXL Protection Manager has a variety of efficient applications, it gives the user insight into current protection standings, and also gives the user the ability to quickly change and improve the protection of any spreadsheet.

Highlight Unlocked Cells

The first feature of the Protection Manager that will be addressed is the “Highlight Unlocked Cells” function, this function clearly highlights for the user, which cells are “unlocked.” What this means is that even if a sheet is protected, the information in these cells can still be changed/edited. This is generally seen as risky for sheets with multiple users, and is especially dangerous for cells with large formulas. Using our Protection Manager you can easily spot these unlocked cells.

Lock/Unlock Cells

Under the “Highlight Unlocked Cells” feature, there are two buttons. One that says, “Unlocked Selected Cells,” and one which says, “Lock Selected Cells,” this is simply a way to save you as a user time and energy. In order to lock/unlock cells within PerfectXL’s own functionality, a user need to right click on a cell, click “Format Cells,” navigate to the protection tab, and from there your can check or uncheck the “Locked” box. We thought that this was much more efficient, within the Protection Manager you can quickly and efficiently lock and unlock cells in your spreadsheet.

Protect Sheets

The features mentioned above are useful for adjusting and improving protection within a single worksheet, but with the “Protect Sheets” functionality in the protection manager, the user can also review and adjust protection on a wider scale. From this one window the user can protect/unprotect any of the sheets in a spreadsheet. One can also choose to password protect sheets, this can be done easily by checking the password box next to the name of each sheet. Once again this functionality saves time, but it also gives a new perspective, the ability see in one glance which sheets are protected and which are not, especially in foreign sheets is incredibly valuable.

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