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How to Unhide and Rehide Hidden Worksheets, Rows & Columns

Hiding sheets, rows and columns can be a neat solution to present the spreadsheet to an end-user, but very annoying to the spreadsheet developer. In this video we’ll show you how you can easily unhide and rehide hidden worksheets in Excel with the PerfectXL add-in.


An end-user who doesn’t need to know about the specifics of the spreadsheets doesn’t care about hidden worksheets, rows or columns. But to spreadsheet builders it is very inefficient to keep having to unhide everything to make changes and rehide everything when they’re done. Find out how easy this process gets with the PerfectXL Add-in for Excel.


Imagine you’re an accountant and you receive a spreadsheet with a financial report you have to audit. Obviously, it’s very important to have all information at your fingertips. Having immediate access to all content of the spreadsheet model is key. If anything is hidden, it takes extra work to find potential mistakes.

Unhide Everything / Rehide

PerfectXL has an ideal feature for this, called ‘Unhide Everything’. You see, a lot in Excel can be hidden: worksheets, rows, columns and filtered tables.

Worksheets can be ‘very hidden’, which means they won’t appear in the unhidden worksheets dialog.

Click ‘unhide everything’ and PerfectXL unhides all these items, so you can easily inspect them.

Once you’re done inspecting the file, you can click that same button again (now named ‘Rehide’) and everything that used to be hidden will be hidden again.

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