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On this page you will find a step-by-step walkthrough of the PerfectXL Add-in. This is a list of all available features with a short description accompanying each one. If you already have the Add-in then you can also download our interactive Excel Tutorial here.


The first button you will see is the analyze button. This analyzes your spreadsheet (fairly straightforward), asks you to log in, and gives you access to the above depicted in grey features. Most of the time when using PerfectXL, this will be your starting point.


The next button in the ribbon is the statistics button, which pulls up a general overview of your spreadsheet, revealing the main characteristics for the user. It is in essence a report of the current state of your spreadsheet.

Sheet Model

Now we have reached the Sheet Model, this feature shows you how your spreadsheet is structured. Which sheets are interacting with one another, and how many formulas/risks are found in each sheet. It’s essentially a road map to better understanding.

Risk Overview

The Risk Overview feature is probably our most important feature. Risk Overview shows the user a list of all risks/issues in their spreadsheets, and gives the user all needed information to fix the issues that are found there. Guarantee that your spreadsheet is safe with this feature.

VBA Macros

Our VBA Macros analyzer is essentially the same as our Risk Overview, but then for hardcoded macros. Our analyzer seeks out areas with risks or issues, and offers suggestions and explanations for how or why a certain area can be improved.

Protection Manager

The Protection Manager is here to simply make your life easier, and to spot cells that are unlocked, and therefore unsafe. This is an all in one protection aid which makes every aspect of excel protection easier to execute. It also updates the user on the current status of protection.

Unhide Everything

This feature is fairly self explanatory, and is used to unhide everything, and hide it all again if you so desire after all the information has been seen. This works for rows, columns, sheets, and even very hidden sheets, which are dangerous and hard to find manually.

Formula Overview

The Formula Overview is an overview of all the formulas in your spreadsheet, this overview can be used to trace formulas to their source and to find simpler solutions to long, complex formulas.

Formula Expander

Also related to formulas is the formula expander, this simply expands your formula and aranges it in a way which is easier to understand and edit. When you’re happy with the way it looks, you can use the collapse button to put everything back.


The next tool is related to cells and the contents therein, the highlighter tool offers color coding to different kinds of formulas and data contents, to give the user insight. The highlighter tool also helps you quickly spot inconsistencies in formulas.


Of course once you have used all of Perfecxl’s tooling you will want to create a report to pass to your boss or colleagues. You can create reports in Excel or PDF, these show risks, formulas, cells, and many other helpful characteristics.

  • Risk Detection & Tips
  • Reporting & Protection
  • Productivity & Insight

More about the PerfectXL Add-in

Here you will find information like system requirements, release notes, and answers to most questions about our software.

Protection Manager gives the user insight into current protection standings, and also gives the user the ability to quickly change and improve the protection of any spreadsheet.

Hiding sheets, rows and columns can be a neat solution to present the spreadsheet to an end-user, but very annoying to the spreadsheet developer.

PerfectXL provides several tools to help you with this, such as a formula breakdown and an overview of all constants and formulas.

This spreadsheet characteristics tutorial teaches you how to find the key characteristics of your spreadsheet in one simple overview.

Formula Expander helps Excel users to understand and edit long, and complex formulas.

VBA is very powerful, but when it’s not properly utilized, it can also pose a risk. Recorded macros in particular are unreliable and highly context-specific.

The feature ‘Constants’ summarizes all the constants in your spreadsheet, including the exact locations and where in your spreadsheet references are made to these constants.

The PerfectXL Add-in Highlighter Feature provides inside information about formula ranges, consistent formulas and data types, by (temporarily) highlighting them in your spreadsheet.

How can PerfectXL help you?

Share your questions with us, we are more than happy to help you. We will get back to you within 48 hours.