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Alternatives to PerfectXL Compare

We realize there are alternative solutions available in the realm of spreadsheet comparison, but PerfectXL Compare is in a different league. Below you will find a feature comparison with some of the market leaders in spreadsheet comparison.

Overview of market leaders and key features in spreadsheet comparison

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* Difference Grouping

The way PerfectXL Compare groups minor differences into user actions, is unique, and changes the way we can approach spreadsheet comparison. If the block A1-F27 is inserted, we see one user action, one insert, other tools will see 162 differences. We have all the information on each of those 162 cells ready for you, but by grouping it we make differences actually manageable, and in reality only one insert took place.


* Worksheet Overview

The PerfectXL Compare worksheet overview shows all worksheets in a simple overview with indications on what has changed including renaming, moving, inserting, deleting, and modifying worksheets. This overview also gives users a look into the actual changes made on the worksheet itself, this way you can select just one worksheet and hone in on specific differences. This overview helps you to directly see where changes are found.


* Structure Analysis

PerfectXL Compare doesn’t just look at raw values and formulas. We also analyze the changes in the structure of the spreadsheet. Row and column alignments, reference restructuring, and worksheet renames are just a few of the things we pay attention to. This view of the spreadsheet from a structure perspective is once again unique, and changes the way we can view, group, and classify differences.