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Technical information

Here we’ll provide you with technical information about PerfectXL Compare, like system requirements, release notes, and answers to most questions about our software. If you have more questions please use the form at the bottom of the page.

  • Great support
  • Easy installation
  • Free updates

What we do

PerfectXL Compare is a standalone program that you can download and install on your computer. This software can be used to analyze the differences between two versions of an Excel file. The results of this comparison can be viewed in the tool itself or exported back to Excel.

Differences we detect

Global differences:

  • Worksheet inserted
  • Worksheet name changed
  • Worksheet order changed
  • Worksheet deleted
  • Worksheet made hidden
  • Worksheet made visible
  • Worksheet made protected
  • Worksheet made unprotected
  • Defined name inserted
  • Defined name changed
  • Defined name renamed
  • Defined name deleted

Worksheet differences

  • Row inserted
  • Row deleted
  • Row made hidden
  • Row made visible
  • Column inserted
  • Column deleted
  • Column made hidden
  • Column made visible


Cell differences

  • Formula inserted
  • Formula changed
  • Formula changed to a value
  • Formula deleted
  • Value inserted
  • Value changed
  • Value changed to a formula
  • Value deleted


  • PerfectXL Compare currently only runs on windows PC’s, this is due to the fact that most intensive Excel users work on windows.
  • The Excel team is working on improving Excel for mac, but at this time the mac version of Excel simply doesn’t rival the functionality available in windows and that is why we develop all our software for windows specifically.
Supported file types
  • This tool supports all Excel files, also macro enabled files.
  • This tool does not support pictures, documents, pdf, csv, or other such files, excel files only


We have a great support team and are more than happy to answer any of your questions about our software, training, and services. Please note that we do not answer general Excel questions, our support team is dedicated to our products and services.


To download the tool you will first need to purchase a license, once you have done that you will receive a download like in your email, via the “My Account” page, and on the checkout screen itself. If you have any questions about this product just contact our support team.

  • Great support
  • Easy installation
  • Free updates

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