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General Spreadsheet Characteristics

Curious to see what your spreadsheet’s all about? PerfectXL Explore gives you a great starting point. An overview of worksheets, input sources and potential risks are all part of our general spreadsheet characteristics section. It also gives you an insight into the amount of formulas used in your spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Portfolio Management

Upload as many spreadsheets as you want and PerfectXL Explore will analyze them. You can either drag and drop a spreadsheet from your computer or choose to upload a file manually. PerfectXL Explore’s portfolio gives you an excellent overview of the spreadsheets you’ve uploaded (and analyzed) over time. You can assign custom categories to any spreadsheet to retrieve them more easily, like ‘important’, ‘to do’ or ‘new report’. Or you can filter your list by the spreadsheet analysis (upload) date, the amount of worksheets, the amount of risks or the amount of high risks.

Portfolio Management Spreadsheets // PerfectXL Explore

Spreadsheet Key Indicators

Key indicators give insight in the major aspects of your spreadsheet. How many formulas does it contain? Is the spreadsheet safe enough to use? Are there any (high) risks to take into consideration? The key indicators also provide you with general information like the document size and the amount of worksheets and more specific information, like the amount of calculations and the longest formula.

Spreadsheet Characteristics

The spreadsheet characteristics overview sums up the characteristics of the entire sheet, but also of each worksheet separately. Additionally the user is provided with information about the cells and external sources.

Spreadsheet Characteristics // PerfectXL Explore

Workbook Characteristics

The Workbook Characteristics overview informs you about the file size, first creation, last modification, number of references, number of calculations and the number of charts.

Characteristics per Worksheet

This table lists the worksheets of your spreadsheet in rows and shows the amount of non-empty cells, unique formulas, risks and high risks per worksheet and whether or not a sheet is hidden in the columns.

Cell Characteristics

The amount of non-empty cells, text cells, number cells, date cells and formulas. The percentage of formulas in non-empty cells and the number of external references.

External Sources

A list of all formula references to sheets in spreadsheets other than the one that’s being analyzed.