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Spreadsheet Visualization

Understanding the workings of a spreadsheet is key to correctly interpreting its results. Spreadsheet visualization is an essential feature of PerfectXL Explore. It allows you to create a graphical model of the general flow of information, which also shows of risks, input & output and data & formula flows.

General Spreadsheet Visualization

Which sheets are used primarily as input, and where are a spreadsheet’s conclusions most likely to be found? What external sources are used? Which sheets are hidden, or even very hidden? You can discover all this in PerfectXL’s general (default) spreadsheet visualization; a graphical representation of the information flow through your spreadsheet.

General Spreadsheet Visualization // PerfectXL Explore

Spreadsheet Risk Visualization

Spreadsheets are rarely 100% errorfree. And when you’re suspicious of a mistake, you may spend hours on finding it amongst all the data, formulas and constants in your spreadsheet. It’s incredibly useful and timesaving if you know where to look. In the Risks mode of the spreadsheet visualization feature, worksheets are highlighted according to how risky they’ve been marked by PerfectXL Explore’s analysis. When you click on these risky sheets that are indicated risky, the tool will show you the amount of high, medium and low risks which have been detected. The risk detection feature, will show you exactly which risks were found and provide you with possible solutions.

Risk Visualization in Spreadsheets // PerfectXL Explore

Input & Output Visualization

The input and output visualization solely shows you which worksheets are used as input, output or both.

Spreadsheet Input and Output Visualization // PerfectXL Explore

Data Count & Formula Flow Visualization

Having an overview of your spreadsheet is useful to understand how it works, but sometimes, you may come across surprising dependencies. A sheet obtaining information from another sheet which you had not expected, for instance. In such cases, it’s useful to know which formulas make up the connection. Luckily, PerfectXL offers the perfect visualization for this, showing also where most of your data resides in your spreadsheet. The amount of references is displayed in the blue dots. Clicking this number will show you the formulas involved.

Visualization of data count & formula flow // PerfectXL Explore