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PerfectXL Highlighter

The PerfectXL Highlighter is what’s been missing from Excel. Understanding your Excel files has never been this easy. Use colors to highlight interesting cell aspects, making it easier than ever to gain insight into the structure of your worksheets, find inconsistencies in data and formulas, and discover the cells that may not be needed at all. The PerfectXL Highlighter seamlessly integrates into Excel, so there’s no excuse: this is a must have for every Excel professional!

  • Useful Insights
  • Incredibly Fast
  • Excel Integration

An visual insight into
Excel structures

Instantly reveal the purpose of every cell using clear visual cues. Curious what it can do for you? Watch the video to get a glimpse of how it works, then get it from Microsoft AppSource to try it yourself!

Abacus by Schott // PerfectXL Spreadsheet Validation

Seamless Integration

The PerfectXL Highlighter was built with the latest add-in technology. This gives a responsive, native feel to it and makes for a future-proof solution. Right in Excel, you can temporarily colour cells to:

  • Find inconsistencies in formulas & data
  • Find out how cells are used in the model
  • Easily spot pesky error cells
  • Highlight searched values and functions

And you are in
good company

PerfectXL serves clients from different industries. The PerfectXL Highlighter is new, but it’s already proving itself to be a huge time saver for major companies across the Netherlands and even the world!

“This add-in is so easy to use, the ability to just quickly spot when something might be going wrong is too valuable to ignore. “

– Anja van Stokrom, Accountant 

How can PerfectXL help you?

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