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On this page you will find support and information about the newest PerfectXL tool, the PerfectXL Highlighter! You’ll find information on highlighter requirements, frequently asked questions, and some technical information.

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Supported Excel

The following versions of Excel have support for the add-in:

Office on Windows (connected to a Microsoft 365 subscription)
– Version 2002 (Build 12527.20092) or later

Office 2021 on Windows (one-time purchase)
– Build 16.0.14326.20454 or later

Office on Mac (connected to a Microsoft 365 subscription)
– Version 16.35 or later

Office on the web
– February 2020 or later

An active internet connection is required to load the add-in. Once the add-in is opened, it can operate without internet connection.

Frequently Asked

Does the highlighter permanently save any formatting in my file?

The highlighter always gives users the ability to ‘clear’ all formats used. If you close the Excel file while highlights are active, they will be saved to the workbook, but you can always clear them again with a simple click. If you close the highlighter, switch sheets, or activate the highlighter in another file, the formats are automatically cleared. Just make sure to clear the formats before sending the file to someone that doesn’t have the highlighter.


Does the software work on Mac OS?

Yes! This is our first tool that is not only compatible with windows but also Mac and Excel Online. Try it out for yourself!


How come I can only use the general mode?

The general mode is the only one we offer for free, but you can buy a license and activate it to gain access to the other modes super easily. Buy it here.


How can I install this for a bunch of computers at once?

Our corporate installs go directly through our tech team. This doesn’t run through AppSource so that the tool can be smoothly rolled out over several devices/accounts at once. Feel free to contact us about corporate installs at:


Where can I download the Highlighter?

Super easy, just go to:


I downloaded the highlighter, but where is it? How do I use it? 

The highlighter should appear in the home tab of your Excel file on the right side. If your window is very small it may be collapsed on the right side of the ribbon. To activate it just click on it, select what you want to highlight, and click the blue highlight button! For a more detailed explanation visit our walkthrough.


I’ve accidentally saved some styles in my spreadsheet, how can I remove them?

Don’t worry! Any styles you saved in your spreadsheet are super easy to clear again with the highlighter. Just open and close the tool, or open the tool and click ‘Clear’! All done and back to building awesome spreadsheets.

How can PerfectXL help you?

Do you have any support questions about the PerfectXL highlighter? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Just fill in the form below with as much information as possible.

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