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Reports (Excel & PerfectXL)

Reporting is an integral part of Excel. Reports are generated in Excel, reports are built in Excel, and in many cases reports are a form of documentation required to properly use certain models in Excel. Regardless, PerfectXL knows the importance of good documentation and reporting, that’s why our software provides clear, usable reports.

PerfectXL Reports

PDF Reports

Our add-in/Risk Detection functionality offers comprehensive risk reports in pdf format at the click of a button. These reports contain information about the size, complexity, and structure of a spreadsheet which gives an indication of the scale of a spreadsheet at a single glance. These reports also provide comprehensive or summary reports on risks found in the model including references to those locations and suggestions for improvement. How comprehensive these reports are is up to the user as they can easily customize the amount of information found in these reports. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the scope and trustworthiness of a model at the click of a button, and gain the ability to share this information with colleagues, clients, or anyone else.

Reports in Excel

The Add-in also offers a report back to Excel, this report can be used to practically work through the risks present in the file. This is a good way to work through risks for some users as the information is presented in Excel which is a familiar environment in which you can work with comments, adjustments, filters, and whatever else users want to do in Excel. In this case a copy of your spreadsheet is generated with a separate tab containing all risks, improvement suggestions, and links to the location where the risk was found.

PerfectXL Compare offers an export to Excel containing a summary of all differences between 2 versions of a spreadsheet as well as the specific details of what the differences are. this can be used just like the add-in report, in other words you can work with the information in Excel. The other advantage of having these differences in Excel is that it can be a great basis for a changelog which can be kept in a separate tab to track what is changing in spreadsheet.

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