PerfectXL Risk Eliminator

Spreadsheet Risk Detection

Good, error-free spreadsheets are essential for using them reliably in business. This is why risk detection is an important aspect of spreadsheet validation. PerfectXL’s Risk Eliminator finds many common problems and potential risks in your spreadsheets. It also provides suggestions for improvement.

Spreadsheet Risk Analysis

We have seen a lot of spreadsheets, and they are seldom as well-constructed as they need to be. This makes them hard to follow and error-prone. We created the PerfectXL Risk Eliminator in cooperation with Spreadsheet Department at the Delft University of Technology. Currently it detects up to 75 types of risks. Ranging from small risks, like double counts and wrong formula usage, to major problems related to ranges and the overall structure of your workbook.

Risk Overview

The risk overview gives you an indication of the type of problems that were detected in your spreadsheet, sorted by the main risk categories: structure issues, range issues, hidden information, calculation doubts, vulnerable functions and complex formulas. Per risk type, you see the amount of detected risks and their levels (high risk, medium risk, low risk).

Spreadsheet Risk Overview // PerfectXL Risk Eliminator

Risk Detection Details

To really see what’s going on in your spreadsheet, the larger ‘details & suggestions’ view of PerfectXL allows you to carefully review every risk, or potential risk that was discovered in your spreadsheet per category. The overview shows you exactly in which worksheet and what cell the risk was detected and which formula is involved.

Detected Risks per Risk Type // PerfectXL Risk Eliminator

Improvement Suggestions

Your aim is of course to improve your spreadsheet rather than just inspect and validate it. PerfectXL Risk Eliminator is there to assist. You can always improve your spreadsheet manually, PerfectXL will not interrupt with your work uninvitedly. But it does provide you with improvement suggestions, which are cleverly generated for each detected risk in your spreadsheet. It’s always up to you, whether or not you like to apply these suggestions.

Suggestion for Spreadsheet Improvement // PerfectXL Risk Eliminator