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PerfectXL Risk Eliminator

Technical Information

This is the technical page for the PerfectXL Risk Eliminator. Here you will find information like system requirements, release notes, and answers to most questions about our software. If you have more questions please use the form at the bottom of the page.

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What we do

PerfectXL Risk Eliminator is a browser based risk detection tool. You can use this tool to gain a better understanding of what could go wrong/what is going wrong in your Excel models, and our software includes tips to actually improve the model. The software runs on a server which can also be locally installed for companies with a dedicated user group.


  • PerfectXL Explore works on any kind of computer, we do the heavy lifting. Simply upload an Excel file.
Supported file types
  • Our software can analyze any kind of Excel document. Supported extensions include: xlx, xlsm, xlsb
  • Our software also analyzes VBA code so macro enabled files are supported.
  • Uploading other files such as .csv, docs, or pdf files will not yield any results.


We have a great support team and are more than happy to answer any of your questions about our software, training, and services. Please note that we do not answer general Excel questions, our support team is dedicated to our products and services.

Privacy & Security

We take spreadsheet security serious. Spreadsheets can sometimes contain sensitive information, but it is still vital to validate them, especially in the case of important spreadsheets. All data traffic is transferred over a secure connection. We use SSL and an external signing company to verify the validity of any connection to PerfectXL. All spreadsheets and web requests are transferred over HTTPS to ensure integrity and authenticity. Gone is gone, when you delete your files they are completely removed from our servers.

Release notes

Version 3.0.251
  • More robust handling of formula parse errors
  • Fixed incorrect encoding in PDF reports
Version 3.0.250
  • Bugfix where username does not appear in top navigation
  • Bugfix with visualization in PDF
  • Bugfix related to IE11
Version 2.25.220
  • Analysis settings configurations are now adjustable
  • Updated a couple of inspections
  • Fixed bug in pivot table
Version 2.20.193
  • Multi-sheet reference
  • Current sheet reference
  • Auto-calculate is off
  • Improved Approximate
  • Lookup: check if lookup range is unsorted
  • Chart contains external reference
  • Numeric index reference
  • Named range contains error reference
  • Direct reference to a pivot table
  • Unused user-defined name
  • User-defined name has a complex reference
  • Pivot table references external source

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