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On this page you will find a step-by-step walkthrough of the PerfectXL Risk Eliminator. This walkthrough leads you through the basic functionality and use case of the software. Contact us at the bottom of the page to get a live demo yourself.

  • In depth risk analysis
  • Improvement tips
  • Smart Reporting

How to start?

To get started you will first need to login. Simply fill in your username and password to get started.

Risk Eliminator 1 // PerfectXL

Once you’re logged in you will need to upload a spreadsheet which will then start be analyzed by the server:

Risk Eliminator 3 // PerfectXL

Risk Overview

Risk Eliminator 4 // PerfectXL

Once you’ve uploaded the spreadsheet you can click over to the Risk Overview tab to see all the risks we’ve found in the spreadsheet. These are separated into different groups which classify the type of risk, and then the risk is defined as: High, Low, or Observation.

Risk Eliminator 5 // PerfectXL

For example, there is a High risk in Calculation doubts called “Sum includes subtotal.” This means there is a situation in which a sum function has included a subtotal somewhere in the range, meaning some parts of the range have been calculate twice. You can also click on the risk to see a description, the location, and an improvement suggestion:

Export to Excel

Risk Eliminator 6 // PerfectX0L

If you prefer to work in a familiar environment you can also export risks & suggestions back to Excel. If you go to the ‘Report’ tab you can create list reports in Excel which creates a copy of your Excel file, with an extra tab containing all the risks found.

Risk Eliminator 7 // PerfectXL

These risks are presented in a table in Excel which can be adjust, it automatically links to the risk locations, and you can filter/add comments to work through the risks methodically. For many users this is a preferred method of validating their spreadsheets.

How can PerfectXL help you?

Share your questions with us, we are more than happy to help you. We will get back to you within 48 hours.