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    PerfectXL Highlighter

    The PerfectXL Highlighter is what’s been missing from Excel. Understanding your Excel files has never been this easy.

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    PerfectXL Risk Eliminator

    Excel is only as reliable as its user, and human error is sadly only predictable in that it occurs often. Our Risk elimination tool helps you find mistakes and gives improvement suggestions through more than 70 risk findings.

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    PerfectXL Add-in

    Would you like to avoid painful mistakes and hidden defects in your Excel files? Follow the example of many other Excel users and start using PerfectXL Add-in today.

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    PerfectXL Explore

    Formulas, external sources, pivot tables and graphs can now be visualized easily. PerfectXL Explore provides you with a comprehensible blueprint of your spreadsheet within seconds.

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