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PerfectXL Features

The features you get with your PerfectXL account depend on the edition you choose. We offer a free edition, which is nice to try the basics of PerfectXL, a student edition, a professional edition and a corporate edition.

General Spreadsheet Information

Curious what your spreadsheet’s all about? PerfectXL gives you a great starting point. An overview of worksheets, input sources and potential risks are all part of our general characteristics section.

Portfolio Management of Spreadsheets

Upload as many spreadsheets as you want to have them analysed by PerfectXL. Drag ’n drop a spreadsheet from your computer or choose to upload a file manually. PerfectXL’s portfolio gives you an excellent overview of your spreadsheet uploads. You can assign custom categories to any spreadsheet to find them back more easily, or you can filter by e.g. the spreadsheet date.

Portfolio Management of Spreadsheets :: Features PerfectXL

Spreadsheet Key Indicators

Key indicators give insight in the major aspects of your spreadsheet. How many formulas does it contain? How safe is my spreadsheet to use?

Spreadsheet Characteristics

A good starting point for checking your spreadsheet’s input sources. The number of references and charts, external sources, and hidden sheets are just a few of the useful characteristics listed in PerfectXL.

Spreadsheet Visualizations

Understanding the working of a spreadsheet is key to correctly interpreting results. PerfectXL’s sheet visualizations are an essential component of that.

General Sheet Visualization

Which sheets are used primarily as input, and where are a spreadsheet’s conclusions most likely to be found? What external sources are used? Which sheets are hidden, or very hidden even? Discover all this in PerfectXL’s sheet visualisation; a graph representation of the information flow through your spreadsheet.

General Sheet Visualization :: Features PerfectXL

Sheet Risk Visualization

Spreadsheets are seldom faultless. And when there’s a potential for errors, it’s useful to know where to look. In the Risks mode of the visualisation, sheets are highlighted according to how risky they’ve been marked by PerfectXL’s analysis.

Data & Formula Flow Visualization

An overview of your spreadsheet is useful to understand how it works, but sometimes you may come across a surprising dependency. A sheet obtaining information from another sheet which you had not expected, for instance. In such cases, it’s useful to know what formulas make up the connection. Luckily, PerfectXL offers the perfect visualisation for this, showing also where most of your data resides in your spreadsheet.

Risk Detection

Good, error-free spreadsheets are essential for using them reliably in business. We have seen a lot of spreadsheets, and they are seldom as well-constructed as they need to be. This makes them hard to follow and error-prone. This is why risk detection is an important aspect of spreadsheet validation. PerfectXL’s Risk Analysis, developed in cooperation with the Spreadsheet Department at the Delft University of Technology, finds many common and less-common (potential) problems in your spreadsheets.

Spreadsheet Risk Detection :: Features PerfectXL

Risk Overview

PerfectXL detects up to 21 types of risks, ranging from small things like double counts and wrong formula usage to major problems related to ranges and the overall structure of your workbook. The Risk Overview gives you an indication of what sort of problems were detected in your spreadsheet.

Risk Inspection & Analysis

To really see what’s going on in your spreadsheet, the larger Risk Inspection section of PerfectXL allows you to carefully review each and every risk discovery. Filters allow you to find the most important issues first, and details for each discovery let you easily find them in your spreadsheet.

Improvement Suggestions

If your aim is to improve a spreadsheet rather than just inspect and validate it, PerfectXL is there to assist. Improvement suggestions are cleverly generated for each detected risk in your spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Improvement Suggestions :: Features PerfectXL

Formulas & Constants

Formulas are the heart and brain of a spreadsheet. Understanding your model, as well as what input sources are used in calculations, is key to properly use and maintain a spreadsheet. PerfectXL provides numerous tools to help with this.

Formula Overview

A list of unique formulas in your spreadsheet is an excellent way to assess the size and complexity of your model. Exceptionally lerge formulas are easily noted, and filters help you navigate to precisely the formula you may wish to investigate.

Formula Breakdown

Sometimes you just need to be sure about a calculation. That’s why we created the Formula Breakdown as part of PerfectXL. This revolutionary tool let’s you review the workings of a formula by traversing the tree of cell references all the way back to the source. Ranges are split up into its significant constituent components, and both risks and underlying risks are presented along the way. This is thé tool if you want to be certain about any calculation in your spreadsheets.

Formula Breakdown :: Features PerfectXL

Constants Overview

Curious which numbers are used by formulas throughout your spreadsheet? Visit the Constants section of PerfectXL for an elegant overview of all referred constants.

Downloadable Reports

Reporting on your spreadsheet has a variety of useful applications. Generate PDFs to share analysis results with colleagues, or export as Excel spreadsheet to review and fix a spreadsheet back in Microsoft Excel.

Summary Report

A Summary Report gives you a brief overview of PerfectXL’s risk analysis. Use it to quickly share an overview of your spreadsheet with your colleagues.

Validation Report & Extended Validation Report

To share the full extend of PerfectXL’s Risk Analysis, choose to export a Validation Report or Extended Validation Report. Both are PDF exports, with the latter one containing all risk details and additional visualisations.

Cell Formats & Formula Excel Report

Excel Reports are a wonderful way to relate PerfectXL’s findings back to Excel. A Cell Formats export downloads a copy of your spreadsheet with additional worksheets. These worksheets are copies of existing worksheets where the existing formatting has been replaced by formatting based on the cell content. This allows you to easily spot inconsistencies and suspicious patterns. The Formula export adds a worksheet with a list of unique formulas in your spreadsheet, such as the one found in PerfectXL.

Risk & Improve Excel Report

The Risk & Improve Excel Report downloads a copy of your workbook with an additional sheet containing all of PerfectXL’s risk detections. Clicking any risk brings you to the appropriate spot in the spreadsheet.

Constants & References Excel Report

Just like you can download an Ecel report with a list of risks, you can also opt for a list of constants. A worksheet with all numbers referred to in your spreadsheet is added to a copy of your original spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Comparison

Compare your spreadsheet with another spreadsheet from your portfolio on a couple of key aspects. For instance, compare an old and new version of the same spreadsheet to see its progress.

Spreadsheet Risks & Complexity Comparison

Compare two spreadsheets on general characteristics, such as the average number of non-empty cells per worksheet and the number of external references in your workbook, as well as key risk indicators, such as risk dispersion (how many risks per worksheet?) and severity (e.g. how many risks are considered high risks?).


Do you wish to refine PerfectXL’s analysis to cater for your specific requirements? Maybe you’re not particularly interested in warnings about the use of fixed numbers, for instance. Not to worry; PerfectXL gives you minute control over many of the risks.

Activate/deactivate Risks

To ignore a risk type generally, the easiest way is to deactive a risk entirely. You can always go back to re-enable it.

User Defined Tresholds

Sometimes you may be happy with a finding in general, but you notice that for your particular needs it generates too few or too many results. In such cases PerfectXL allows more granular control over risk detections by providing you the ability to adjust the threshold values per risk type. This allows control over if and to what extend a finding is marked as a risk.


We take security serious. Spreadsheets can sometimes contain sensitive information. But especially for important spreadsheet it’s so vital to validate them. That’s why we’ve set up extensive measures to guarantee the secure use of our toolset.

Gone Is Gone

When you delete a spreadsheet from your portfolio, it’s really gone. We cannot restore deleted analyses. PerfectXL is not a place to store your spreadsheets, and you can always reanalyse a spreadsheet after you’ve deleted it simply by re-uploading it to PerfectXL.


All traffic happens over a secure connection. We use SSL and an external signing company to verify the validity of any connection to PerfectXL. All spreadsheets and web requests are transferred over HTTPS to ensure integrity and authenticity.

Dedicated Server

For our extensive users we offer a dedicated server; a private cloud solution with PerfectXL running independently from the regular web-based version.

On-Premise Version

If security is absolutely paramount, we also offer an on-premise installation option, where no internet connection is required at all.