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voor transport & logistiek

Transport- en logistiekbedrijven varen op precisie, planning en veel gegevens, waardoor Excel een voor de hand liggend hulpmiddel is. PerfectXL maakt Excel perfect door vermindering van risico’s, verbetering van inzicht en training in best practices.

  • Training for standardization
  • Reduce risks automatically
  • Insight in your Excel files

Why PerfectXL is for
Transport & Logistics

Your industry requires you to make complex models and track huge amounts of data. Our solution gives you insight and understanding in these Excel files and equips you with software to audit and improve the quality of the files as well. Through training, services, and software we elevate the quality of spreadsheets and help you understand Excel better.

And you are in
good company

PerfectXL has seen great success in the transport industry. Understanding the types of Excel files that are build and used in companies like Connexxion has really enabled us to offer the right solutions.

“This tool is fast and has a clear summary of differences. It is useful for auditing, developing, and validating spreadsheets.”


What we do for you:

Data Analyst
You are no stranger to Excel and have a good understanding of complex formulas and the math behind models. Research shows that advanced users are no less likely to make mistakes in Excel, it’s human! Use PerfectXL to reduce human error, massively speed up your own audit process.

Logistics Manager
From supply chains to procurement and distribution you oversee much of the core business. This often involves basing decisions off information in Excel files. Guarantee you are receiving the correct information but using PerfectXL’s systems to ensure correct, risk free, well documented Excel models.

Human Resources
Transport and logistics companies are no different from other large companies in that there are tons of employees. Give new employees a great Excel training and manage your own Excel files on hours, workers, wages, ect. much better!

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