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Whether you work for one of the big 5 or a smaller company in finance in consulting, PerfectXL can soon become unmissable for you. Request a demo of our comprehensive Excel auditing program!

  • Add value for clients
  • Accelerate audit process
  • Use Excel with confidence

Why PerfectXL is for
Financial Consultants

Your industry is all about data, much of which is recorded and processed in Excel models. PerfectXL gives deeper insight into those models so you can guarantee that the models function correctly, not just for yourself but for your clients too, instantly generating added value.

And you are in
good company

PerfectXL has seen great success in the finance industry in general, but specifically with financial consultants. Chances are your colleagues or competitors have already tried our software, don’t fall behind!

“The ability to immediately offer an additional service to my clients while saving myself time is valuable. The software itself is intuitive and I’m happy to have it in my toolkit.”

Omni-directional, Vertical-lift, Helicopter Drone by Vanderlip // PerfectXL Spreadsheet Validation

What we do for you:

Audit & Assurance
Validating Excel files is part of your core business. Being able to automate parts of the process, standardize it, and make the system faster and easy to reproduce is simply invaluable. PerfectXL Audit is ideal for you and should play a big role in your audit process.

Financial Advisor
Models recording Taxes, profit margins, losses, and investments are all in your wheelhouse. Making sure companies are following all applicable government guidelines and then giving advice from a position of understanding is key. PerfectXL helps you validate models, and follow relevant requirements and standards.

Of course a large part of financial consulting is accounting, balancing budgets, signing off on tax returns, and building clear financial statements. Much of this is done in Excel, PerfectXL helps you guarantee that those models are correct, quickly and efficiently.

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