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PerfectXL Excel Solutions
for Banking & Investment

If you work in banking or investment, we want to help you develop a manageable audit system which will save you time, help you make less mistakes, and elevate the Excel files in your company.

  • Improve calculation models
  • Fully control Audit process
  • Automate and save time

Why PerfectXL is for
Bankers & Investors

Our solution helps companies elevate the quality of their Excel files through training, software, and services. We offer a system which can be put in place to standardize the process of checking and improving Excel files. In both banking and investment, correct financial data is incredibly important, we help you make sure your models are robust and correct.

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What we do for you:

Investment Managers
You are faced with large, unfamiliar, spreadsheets all the time on the basis of which you have to make crucial decisions. PerfectXL gives you insight into these sheets to understand them much more quickly, and tools to evaluate the quality of the actual models.

You are faced with an enormously sensitive task in calculating risks and interest. PerfectXL helps you gain confidence in your models, fix mistakes, and to follow governmental guidelines for such models. All of this functionality is built in and will save you heaps of time!

Human Resources
Banks are no different from other large companies in that there are tons of employees. Give new employees a great Excel training and manage your own Excel files on hours, workers, wages, ect. much better!

For a concrete example of what we can do for your company, click the link below:

And you are in
good company

PerfectXL serves many clients in Banking & Investment. We work with traditional banks, investment banks, and hedge funds. We understand the necessity for quality and that’s exactly what we deliver.

“This tool is fast and has a clear summary of differences. It is useful for auditing, developing, and validating spreadsheets.”


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