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PerfectXL Excel Solutions
for Government Agencies

Whether you work for your local government, in education, or in one of the many other public services, one thing is constant: spreadsheets. You see them, work with them, and decisions are constantly made based on them. Can you really trust those spreadsheets?

  • Use Excel with confidence
  • Get insight into models
  • Validate your models

Why PerfectXL is for
Government Agencies

In your industry it’s important to make as few mistakes as possible. Of course we are all human, but if we can reduce the errors in spreadsheets, we reduce the strain on you, on the people you help, and on the system as a whole! With PerfectXL you will not only build better Excel models, but you will actually save a lot of time when it comes to checking your models. Audit and validation tasks are largely automated and you’re freed up to do the things that are important.

How can PerfectXL help you?

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    What we do for you:

    Audit & Assurance
    Validating Excel files is incredibly important in governments. Being able to automate parts of the process, standardize it, and make the system faster and easy to reproduce is simply invaluable. PerfectXL Audit is ideal for you and should play a big role in your audit process.

    Of course a large part of your tasks are accounting, balancing budgets, signing off on tax returns, and building clear financial statements. Much of this is done in Excel, PerfectXL helps you guarantee that those models are correct, quickly and efficiently.

    Human Resources
    Governments also need to manage their manpower, and a big part of what the manpower does is work with Excel.Give new employees a great Excel training and manage your own Excel files on hours, workers, wages, ect. much better!

    For a concrete example of what we can do for your company, click the link below:

    And you are in
    good company

    PerfectXL serves many clients in the government sector. The value of correct models is incredibly high there and supporting users that already want to make great spreadsheets is what we love to do. We save users across the sector tons of time in accomplishing their tasks.

    “PerfectXL helps my colleagues take spreadsheet quality even more seriously, and spreadsheet quality here is better than ever.”

    Den Haag

    Other Industries

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