PerfectXL Excel Solutions
for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are filled with large, complex calculation models. These are often built in Excel, and we aim to make Excel perfect, reduce the risks, and increase productivity.

  • Insight in your Excel files
  • Reduce risks automatically
  • Training for standardization

Why PerfectXL is for
Insurance Companies

Your industry requires you to make complex models and track huge amounts of data. Our solution gives you insight and understanding in these Excel files and equips you with software to audit and improve the quality of the files as well. Through training, services, and software we elevate the quality of spreadsheets and help you understand Excel better.

And you are in
good company

PerfectXL has seen great success with different Insurance companies, especially with actuaries. Their understanding of risks, and the fact that they use Excel frequently makes PerfectXL an obvious choice.

“As soon as PerfectXL becomes part of your routine, it becomes software that does exactly what you want it to do.”

an Insurance Company

Baggage Handling // PerfectXL Spreadsheet Validation

What we do for you:

You calculate risks based off large amounts of data, this is often done in large models in Excel. The last thing you want is that the tool you use to calculate risk, Excel, is full of risks itself. That’s why PerfectXL is the perfect solution for you, reduce risks in Excel immediately.

Data Analyst
You are no stranger to Excel and have a good understanding of complex formulas and the math behind models. Research shows that advanced users are no less likely to make mistakes in Excel, it’s human! Use PerfectXL to reduce human error, massively speed up your own audit process.

Human Resources
Insurance companies are no different from other large companies in that there are tons of employees. Give new employees a great Excel training and manage your own Excel files on hours, workers, wages, etc. much better!

For a concrete example of what we can do for your company, click the link below:

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How can PerfectXL help you?

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