We zijn voortdurend bezig met het updaten en verbeteren van PerfectXL, ontdek nieuwe functies en updates op deze pagina! Blijf op de hoogte van PerfectXL om er zo effectief mogelijk gebruik van te maken.

Plugin Version 1.8.415

Jan 28, 2019

Major Improvements:

  • New Feature: Expand and Collapse formulas
  • Improvement: better processing of server certificates
  • Improvement of the user interface: add buttons to PerfectXL task panes
  • Performance: better assessment of which logic should be performed when
  • Turn off the screen update during expensive operations
  • Front end ordering changes/improvement
  • Improved processing speed
  • General Bug fixes
Plugin Updates


Web Tool Version 2.24.210

Jan 29, 2019

Major back-end refactoring and clean-up:

  • The storage model has been almost completely rewritten: it is now simpler, more flexible and (much) faster.
  • Analyses now have a correct time-out when they are too complex or use too much memory.
  • The Analysis Worker service is hardened so that even an abusive analysis can not stop the whole process.
  • The Analysis Worker service can now perform up to three analyses simultaneously.
  • The analysis process progress is now reported to the webbrowser via push technology.
  • The majority of inspections were tested again with new test cases and then refined and improved. This results in more accurate findings and better problem descriptions.
  • The analyzer often reported the same problem at different locations, over and over again. Where this was logical and feasible, we grouped those problems into just one risk.
  • We started identifying risks in charts, user-defined names (“named ranges”) and pivot tables.
  • Extracting VBA code from a spreadsheet file is now done with EPPlus instead of a Python script.
  • The login procedure has been rewritten to enable logging in via SSO.
  • All database calls are now asynchronous, so that the web server is not so heavily loaded.
  • We have made preparations to facilitate the deployment of the entire application. There is still a bit more work needed to get this functional.
  • Underlying packages (including GemBox) have been updated to the latest version.
  • A few minor security improvements.
  • Many other refactorings, speed improvements and bug fixes. The code is now in a state where we can add new functions much faster. And they are on their way!
Webtool Updates